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Magic: Bad Beer to Fair Beer

You know what's great about cheap, bad beer?
The cheap part. The end. Are you looking for
some kind of magic spell to turn it into
something delicious. Enter Dogfish Head
brewery. For years, they've been selling their
invention called Randall the Enamel Animal,
which is a big rig you can use to add flavors to
your favorite beers. Now they've unveiled the
Randall Jr. for only $20. It looks like a slender
sports bottle made of glass. It's double-walled to
add insulation, and it has a fine mesh filter.  You
just pour in your cheap junky beer, add your
ingredients, let it sit for ten minutes, then pour it
into a glass.  It works..... a little.

Beer and What?

Don't let social convention deter you from
trying these great beer and food combos:
Beer and Cereal-  it makes sense. Beer is
basically made from cereal, right? If your day is
looking lame, pour it directly in the bowl.
Beer and white chocolate- If you pair almost
any dessert with beer, it makes everything okay.
Beer and maple syrup  If you celebrate National
Maple Syrup Day  try beer infused with this
sugary delight. Maple syrup is not only tasty, its
also extremely fermentable
You don't say.....

India is a unique market where strong beer sales far outstrip
light beers (80% to 20%). A bottle of strong beer is seen as
value for money and in summer months considered as a
lighter option to Indian whisky.
Leuven, Belgium is the home of Stella Artois, Leffe and
Duvel, to name but a few of the town's famous exports. It
produces one in every five beers sold around the world and
claims to have the longest bar in Europe.
Mexican beer has its own curious heritage. Most of the beer
produced in Mexico is a European style first created by
Anton Dreher in Austria in the mid-1800s, as Schwechater
Lagerbier. Eventually it became known as Vienna lager.
Beer and baseball have long had a love affair.  Now you
might now how beer is made but what about a baseball?
Don't worry, BeerNexus shows you the story
Port-O-Pong, the world's largest-selling inflatable beer pong
table that can be used in the water, has successfully set a
new world record for  the 'Most Amount Of People Playing
Beer Pong In A Pool At Once' - 251.   
Can your I-Pad pour real beer?  If not you should watch this
and get the app now:
Beer I-Pad
Ya gotta love these guys
Robert Benchley
"I know I'm drinking myself to a slow death,
but then I'm in no hurry."

Ambrose Bierce
"Non-Drinker: a weak person who yields to the
temptation of denying himself a pleasure."

Phyllis Diller
Health is what my friends are always drinking to
before they fall down."
David Wells (baseball pitcher)
“I drank beer, and I had a career year.

Mark Twain
"I make it a rule never to drink beer
while I'm sleeping."

Dean Martin
""The reason I drink is because when I'm
sober I think I'm Frank Sinatra."
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