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Frozen Head

Ever dream of topping off your pint of beer
with frozen beer foam instead? Me, neither but
now, thanks to the clever folks at Japanese
brewing giant Kirin, you can. They’ve figured
out how to create frozen foam and dispense
it on top of a beer like a person filling a
cone with soft-serve ice cream.

The beer is said to have a creamier taste and
texture due to the frozen foam than regular beer
in an icy mug. As the foam melts, it won’t dilute
the beer with water as regular ice cubes would
because the foam itself is, of course, beer.

For those hankering to get a pint of the brew, a
visit to Japan is in order. Ichiban Shibori Frozen
Draft is currently available in Tokyo and will be
served countrywide this May.

No word yet on when the soft-serve beer foam
will be topping brews outside of Japan, but the
Australian market is supposedly next.
You don't say.....

If you play beer pong you might try Pong Beer. It's now
being old in “Rack Packs” of 30 cans (each comes with 2
pong-playing balls). It is brewed by LaTrobe Brewing
Company (PA) and fortunately has limited distribution.
Men who suffer a heart attack might help their recovery
odds by having a couple beers. A new study shows after
suffering a first heart attack, men who are moderate
drinkers are much less likely to die compared to non-drinkers
Extreme unicyclist Lutz Eichholz of Germany has
broken his own Guinness World Record by riding his
unicycle 29.297 feet on beer bottles.
Mille Lite is introducing "The Punch Top Can" in May
to increase sales. The "fun" is that the second tab on the
Punch Top Can can be opened with a wide array of objects
such as a house key, golf tee or even a dollar bill,
England's Bard William Shakespeare's father John
Shakespeare was appointed as chief ale-tester for the
borough of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1556.
During the Elizabethan era beer was tested by pouring some
on a small wooden stool after which an ale tester would sit
on it. If the stool stuck to his leather pants upon standing it
meant to much sugar had been added to the ale and the
landlord would loose his license.
Ya gotta love these guys
W.C. Fields
"I have been advised my the best medical
authority, at my age, not to attempt to
give up alcohol."

Dean Martin
""There's nothing wrong with sobriety
in moderation."

George Gobbel
"What I like to drink most is beer that
someone else pays for."
Mel Brooks
“This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for
which the Lord intended a more divine means
of consumption... Beer!"

Robert Benchley
“"I know I'm drinking myself to a slow death,
but then I'm in no hurry."

Jerry Vale
"Whiskey is by far the most popular of all
remedies that won't cure a cold."
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