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Battle Mug

Forget beer goggles: How about a beer mug
equipped with a night sight? Made in the USA,
OpticsPlanet’s OPMOD Battle Mug is designed
to carry both your favorite beverage AND your
military essentials. The company says it’s just as
good for fending off foes as kicking back with a
beer. “Venti-sized” at 24 ounces, "it’s perfectly
suited for your morning coffee -- or something
stronger. And three military-specification 1913
scope rails (used on firearms as a mounting
platform for scopes or other items) clamped to
the sides can hold something stronger, too."

The body of the mug itself is made out of a
“block” of CNC-machined 6061 billet aluminum.
Described by the company as “serious hard-
core metal,” it’s essentially machined out of a
13.5-pound aluminum block. It has a Mil-Spec
Type III anodized finish and a crenellated base
-- and comes custom-engraved with its own
unique serial number.
Rather than a standard mug handle, the Battle
Mug comes with a removable “AR-15 carry
handle” mounted on one of the mug’s rails.
AR- 15 is a type of Colt weapon, but is often
used to refer to semi-automatic rifles in general.
it’s unclear how this mug serves any purpose on
a tactical (or drinking) level.
You don't say.....

The worlds biggest brewers are #1 Anheuser-Busch InBev  
followed by SABMiller, Heineken and then Carlsberg.  These
big four hold a combined global market share of 50 percent.
The rest of the top ten brewers in order-Tsingtao, Beijing
Yanjing, Mexicos Modelo, Molson Coors, Japans Kirin
and Turkish Anadolu Efes.
In case you were wondering how to say beer in a few
different countries: Swedish-Ol; Czech-Pivo; Dutch-Bier;
Finnish-Olut; Filipino-Bir; French-Bière; Gaelic-Leann;
German:-Bier; Greek:-Bere; Swahili: Pombe
Have you ever noticed that once in a while, the rim of a beer
glass has a white line around it? It's called the Plimsoll Line.
It was named after Samuel Plimsoll, the man who was
known for creating a method to mark the depth of ship
hulls. It is law in England that the bartender must fill your
beer/ale up to that line with the head of the beer rising above.
In most of Europe the drinking age is set at 16, in Canada it
is 18, Asia 20, and it is 21 in the United States.
In a survey conducted in over 80 countries, 2,000 people
were questioned on which countries have the world’s worst
beer. The results listed the United States as #1, followed  by
China, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Italy.
Shows how drinking Coors Light can give you a bad name.
Ya gotta love these guys
Sandra Bullock
"There's something sexy about a beer gut.
Not a 400-pound beer gut, but a little paunch.
I love that."

Joe Strummer
"What I like about playing America is you can
be pretty sure you're not going to get hit with
a full can of beer when you're singing
and I really enjoy that!

Anne Dudley
You know, nobody eats in England. Three or
four pints of English beer a night fills you.
Billy Carter
“There is no such thing as a bad beer. It's that
some taste better than others.

Joe Theismann
“Rugby is great. The players don't wear helmets
or padding; they just beat the living daylights out
of each other and then go for a beer. I love that.

Lew Wasserman
“Paul Newman's an old friend of ours. He used to
sit around our house. He's the only man I've ever
known to drink a case of beer all by himself.
That's talent in a way."
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"Beer - Because one doesn't solve the world's problems over white wine."
We're repeated this picture from last month in response
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