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Beer Payola

Much of the country uses a three-tiered
distribution system for beer. In the system
Brewers sell beer to distributors, who in turn sell
it to retail operations. That's where the payola
begins as distributors offer gifts like pint
glasses, clothing, tickets to sporting events,  
DirecTV Sunday Ticket packages and keg/draft
line refrigeration systems to get places to carry
some of their brands. It’s generally “Bud versus
Miller,”  Bars ask often ask who wants to pay
for my football package t(worth up to $5,000).
Bars also will ask a distributor to install a draft
system in return only pour those beers. The
wholesaler in turn can get help from their
suppliers. Although retailers put pressure on
distributors sometimes that pressure runs the
other way as distributors demand retailers carry
product that they are having trouble getting put
on elsewhere if they want a popular line

For example, in Chicago's famous Wit Hotel
most of the craft beers from smaller distributors
disappeared recently replaced by 11 specialty
brands carried by a powerhouse distributor of
Miller, Coors and other labels.Why care about
this stuff? Well, pay-to-play also means fewer
craft beers poured from bar taps—the most
coveted spot in any tavern—even as their
national popularity grows.
You don't say.....

In the 1930s Bennie McGovern trained his  pet mule, Dan ,
to identify McGovern’s beer  by sniffing it. McGovern's
unique sales pitch was to take Dan into a tavern, ask the
bartender to line up several opened bottles of beer, one of
which was McGovern’s.  Dan would then sniff out the
McGovern’s and happily drain it. Eventually the brand
became the famous “Mule Beer”.
Esquire's pick for the top five beers in a can:
1. Dale's Pale Ale; 2. Porkslap Pale Ale; 3. Brooklyn Lager;
4. Fat Tire Amber; 5. Cynic Ale 16 oz.
One of the earliest references to the use of hops in beer is
from the Abbot of Corbie in 822 AD.
In 1910 the starting salary for a college grad was $750/year.
A bottle of beer was 5 cents and a whole barrel was $7
With the recent opening of Slow Boat Brewery in Beijing,
China, the city’s number of Western-style microbreweries
officially doubled — to two.
In 1909 Teddy Roosevelt took over 500 gallons of #beer on
his African safari. At 15 years old John Adams wrote that
his breakfasts at Harvard consisted of bread and beer.
Before entering politics, Abraham Lincoln and a partner
owned 3 taverns in Illinois. George Washington was the
nation's largest distiller in 1799, making over
11,000 gallons of whiskey.
Ya gotta love these guys
Buffalo NY Mayor James Griffin
When asked for advice during a blizzard-
"Wait it out with a six-pack of beer."

Billy Carter
"Beer is not a good cocktail-party drink, especially
in a home where you don't know where
the bathroom is."

Dan Castellaneta
Beer. Now there's a temporary solution."
Dave Bruce
“Beer - it's a vacation in a can."

Will Rodgers
“We can't all be heroes because someone has to
sit on the curb, drink beer, and clap as they go by"

Rodney Dangerfield
“If beer and women aren't the answer, then
you're asking the wrong questions."
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