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         By the Numbers

78 -  The number of years the Budweiser
Clydesdales have been associated with the brand
Budweiser. There were introduced in 1933 to
celebrate the end of national Prohibition

20.8 - The number of gallons of beers chugged
by the average American consumer in 2011,
making it the nation's most
popular alcoholic beverage

44.7 - The number of gallons of carbonated
soda sipped by the average American consumer
in 2011

28.3  The number of gallons of water the
average American consumer drank in 2011

1.9 million - Increase in the number of beer
barrels across all brands sold from 2005 to 2011

10 million - The decrease in the number of
barrels sold of the top 20 beer brands,
suggesting that Americans are increasingly
choosing to drink imported or craft beers

Over 250 - Number of beer brands, including
American stalwarts like Budweiser, Michelob,
and Busch, that are owned by Anheuser-Busch
You don't say.....

New fad on campus is "Drunkorexia" — combining the
worst aspects of binge drinking and eating disorders. It is a
condition by which college students skip meals to control
their weight, saving both money (and calories) they can then
use to drink. A new study from the University of Missouri
found that 16 percent of college students engage in the
practice, including three times as many females as males.
A new "stay sober" tablet reportedly is under development in
Australia. The pill, which limits the effect of alcohol on the
brain, is being tested on mice — who showed no signs of
becoming "tipsy," despite being administered enough alcohol
to make them "fall over," reports Britain's Telegraph
Clifton Vial, 52, wound up stuck in a snowdrift off a rural
highway in eastern Alaska.  All he had was a few cans of
Coors Light, frozen solid.  Fortunately even Coors Light
contains calories to keep a person functioning.  Vial says he
ate the beer like beans from a can. He cut the lids off and
dug it out with a knife. He has fully recovered.

In a large study of older adults, University of Texas
researchers found that mortality rates were significantly
lower for drinkers than for teetotalers. Among drinkers,
heavy partakers (4-plus drinks a day) had a higher mortality
rate than did moderate ones (1–3 drinks a day). Still, even
the heavy drinkers lived longer than non-drinkers
Ya gotta love these guys
Joe E. Lewis
“I drink to forget I drink”

Ernest Oliver
"Beer is necessary for a man so that he can
have a good opinion of himself,
undisturbed be the facts.”

Jerry Lewis
“Don’t cry over spilled milk…
it could have been beer!"
Karl Mendley
“My idea of a balanced diet
is a beer in each hand.”

H.L. Menken
“The secret of being honest as an Angel is
by being drunk as Hell!”

George Burns
“When life gives you lemons;
ask for tequila and salt.”
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