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Beer Paint

Instead of guzzling pitchers of beer, artist Karen
Eland makes pictures out of beer. The
38-year-old painter has turned pints into
portraits of everyone from Justin Bieber and
Lady Gaga to President Obama.

Eland uses about a pint of brew per painting,
layering the suds on canvas as if they were
watercolors. "It's a little harder than watercolor
paintings because the beer is stickier than paint,
and also comes off easily if you spill water,"
said Eland, adding that she prefers using lager to
paint.  She said the paintings take several days to
finish, depending on the amount of detail she
painstakingly includes.  

The only problem is she doesn't always have
enough beer to toast the completion of a work.
"Usually I taste a little of the brew before
starting to paint, so there isn't always
much left," Eland said.
You don't say.....

Pennsylvania has had more breweries in its history
than any other state.
Bottle caps, also known as “crowns," were invented in 1892
by William Painter. To prove they would not leak he
shipped several  hundred cases of beer, round
trip from the USA to South America.
The first beer to win a blue ribbon at the Chicago World’s
Fair in 1893 was Pabst, thus earning the title,
“Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Watch what happens when you toss salted peanuts into a
glass of beer - the peanuts dance.
Belgium has the most individual beer brands with 400.
The best-selling brand outside the US in the Western
Hemisphere is Brahma Beer.
The United States two-dollar bill features three brewers:
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams.
In fact, George Washington installed a brewhouse
on his grounds at Mount Vernon.
In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than Coke. A half
litre at the local pub costs just 30 cents (10.50 CZK) while a
half litre of Coke costs 85 cents (30 CZK). However, beer is
a little more expensive than club soda.
Ya gotta love these guys
George Nathan
“ I fear the man who drinks water and so
remembers this morning what the rest of
us said last night. ”

David Daye
"If God had intended us to drink beer, He
would have given us stomachs."

James Butler
"I'm off for a quiet pint –
followed by fifteen noisy ones."
Christina Deeds
""I decided to stop drinking with creeps.
I decided to drink only with friends.
I've lost 30 pounds."

Martin Luther
“"We old folks have to find our cushions and
pillows in our tankards.
Strong beer is the milk of the old."

Ernest Hemmingway
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk.
That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
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