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Beer Can Car

If you've always lusted after a Volkswagen
powered vehicle shaped like a beer can, your
opportunity has finally arrived. The can seen
below is one of the fiberglass can cars produced
by Florida based Automotive Innovations
and is available for purchase on EBay.

The company initially designed the cars for
Budweiser, but were widely used by Stroh
Brewery for promotional purposes. Although
these cans were built using Volkswagen
mechanicals, they were not kit cars, instead
leaving the factory titled as new Pop Top
Can Cars complete with a manufacturer's
certificate of origin.

The can shaped car business was good until
1984 when  Mothers Against Drunk Driving
decided that vehicles and alcohol should not be
mixed, even for promotional purposes. The
resulting bad publicity campaign from MADD
forced Stroh Breweries to discontinue
promotional use of the Pop Top Can Cars. This
meant the end of production for the unique
product mobiles
You don't say.....

The oldest brewery is the Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria.  
It has been producing beer continuously since 1040!
The most popular beer in the United States is not Budweiser;
it is Bud Light and has been since 2001!
Only time can sober a person up.  The same is true with
other “cures” such as exercising, cold showers and even
strong black coffee.  It takes up to 10 hours for a person to
completely sober up, regardless of sex, age and weight.
And 26% of the US population is under the age of 18. So
there are only 140 million people in America who could be
drinking beer. That means the average drinker is consuming
44.3 gallons of beer per year.That’s about one 16 ounce can
of beer per person per day
Non-alcoholic beers average about 94 percent less alcohol
and 58 percent fewer calories then regular beer.
Overconsumption of alcohol causes scarring of the liver
which must work overtime to produce enough of the
enzymes that break down the ethanol in booze.
Over 35 billion gallons of beer are sold each year. Compare
that to around 46 billion gallons of bottled water being
produced each year and you realize that we drink nearly as
much beer as bottled water.
Ya gotta love these guys
Ken Knox
"A meal without beer is like a day without
sunshine, except that on a day without
sunshine you can still get drunk."

Jeff Levine
"A bartender is just a pharmacist with a
limited inventory."

James Butler
"The first glass of beer is for myself, the second
for my friends, the third for good humor,
and the forth for my enemies."
W.C. Fields
"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live
for days on nothing but food and water."    

Elaine Alexander
“I love cooking with beer. Sometimes I
even put it in the food. "

Terry-Lynn Bella
"I have all day sober to Sunday up!"

Dean Martin
"I am being sober in moderation."
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