mR. bReWski says.......
Beer Causes Mistrial

Ohio county judge James Mazzone
declared a mistrial in a drug case
after a juror was seen drinking a
beer duing lunch break.  The  
defendant was set free.  There is no
report on what the Judge was
drinking before making this decision.

Now That's a Law!!

In 1156 the city of Augsburg,
Germany passed a law that took the
license away from every brewer that
sold bad beer for the third time and
from every pub not serving the correct
amount.  Beer quality and quanity were
determined by an official beer taster.  
The taster was not allowed to drink
wine or hard liquor and was told what
to eat to prevent anything from
influencing his taste buds.
Cell Phones Worse than DUI

Studies from the University of Utah
and the New England Journal of
Medicine show that drivers even using
a hands-free cell phone are more
"impaired" than drivers
at .08 percent BAC.
Bar Problem Solvers

Problem:  Feet cold and wet
Cause:  Glass being held at incorrect angle
Action: Rotate glass so that open end
points toward ceiling
Problem: Beer is unusually pale and
Cause:  Glass empty
Action:  Get someone to buy you another
Problem:  Don't recognize the room you're
in or anyone there.
Cause:  You've wandered into the wrong
Action: See if they have free beer.
Ya gotta love these guys

Samuel Johnson -
"This is one of the disadvantages of
drinking too much beer:  it makes a man
mistake words for thought."

Henny Youngman-
My grandmother is over eighty and still
doesn't need glasses.  Drinks beer right
out of the bottle.  
Mr. Brewski Goes to a Game