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Drink and Drive

Not only does the Octane 120 Beer Arcade
Machine ($6,000) support it, it even includes a
kegerator behind the rear seat — with a
secondary tap in the dash — so you don't have
to pull over to get a refill.  Other features include
leather wrapping on the fully adjustable, force-
feedback steering wheel and on the seat, metal
gas, clutch, and brake pedals, a Full HD
projector up front, aand PS3 connectivity for
good measure, a conveniently placed cup holder,
and the ability to swerve with impunity.

Smallest Bar in the World

The Oasis Roadhouse is nestled in Lynd
Junction, North Queensland, Australia; it claims
ito be the smallest public bar anywhwere.  It's
just over 5 feet wide, barely holds 2 bar stoos
and has a bar top only 21 inches wide.  What it
lacks in ambience, it makes up for in
convenience: The spot, which serves bottled
beer and liquor, isn't named Oasis for nothing—
it's the only bar within a 37-mile radius.
You don't say.....

Brewdog is now selling a limited-edition beer containing
Viagra to mark the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate
Middleton. It was brewed using various well known
aphrodisiacs, including Viagra, chocolate and Goat Weed
Guinness says that a pint of beer is lifted about ten times,
and each time about 0.56 ml is lost in a beer drinker’s facial
hair. That’s a lot of wasted beer so shave that mustache!
Bourbon is the official alcohol of the United States, by an act
of Congress. Many people have attempted to have that
overturned in favor of beer instead throughout the years.
President Theodore Roosevelt took more than 500 gallons of
beer with him on an African safari.
In 1962, Iron City beer was the brand used to test-market
the concept of tab opening aluminum cans. By 1970, over
90% of all beer cans were self-opening.
In 1116 BC, Chinese imperial edict stated that heaven
required people to drink beer.
•The United States two-dollar bill features three brewers:
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams.
In fact, George Washington installed a brewhouse on his
grounds at Mount Vernon.
Ya gotta love these guys
Martin Mull
"The trouble with jogging is that
the beer falls out of you glass."

Arny Lands
"The best beer in the world is the
one in my hands."

Bill Pailey
"To hell with this bad economy,
we'll just get drunk on cheap beer."

Joe E. Lewis
"Some say the glass is half full, some say the
glass is half empty. I say “Are you
gonna drink that?”
Oscar Levant
"I envy people who drink. At least they have
something to blame everything on."

Linda Gonaz
“I knew I was drunk. I felt sophisticated
and couldn’t pronounce it.”

Tom Testnor
“Drinking beer doesn’t make you fat; it makes
you lean… against bars, tables, chairs, and poles.”

David Daye
"If God had intended us to drink beer, he would
have given us stomachs.”
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