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16 = 20 in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks may have a losing record.
But the team's beer-drinking fans are starting off
with a win.The team investigated after a video
posted on YouTube demonstrated that the large
and small beers sold at Qwest Field contained
the same amount of liquid — even though one
was marked 20 ounces and cost $1.25
more than the one marked 16 ounces.

The findings? The cups that were marked as
containing 16 oz. actually held 20 oz. of beer.

First and Goal, the organization that runs Qwest
Field, says it will try to find out how long the
smaller-beer drinkers have been getting an extra
4 ounces. At the next game the stadium is selling
all 20-oz. domestic brews at the 16-oz. price.

Book'em Dano

An Evansville mom was arrested after police say
she had her kids help her steal beer from a
grocery store.   Candice Alvey, and her two
daughters allegedly placed beers in a cart and
cover them up with a coat.  Alvey waited until
the clerk's back was turned to signal her 12 year
old daughter to walk out with the shopping cart.
You don't say.....

A glass of white or red wine, a bottle of beer, and a shot of
whiskey or other distilled spirits all contain equivalent
amounts of alcohol and are the same to a Breathalyzer
Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash
containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container
can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri
The first US lager was brewed in 1840 by John Wagner,
who had a small brewery in the back of his house on St.
John Street in Philadelphia. Wagner brought the first lager
yeast to the United States from a brewery in Bavaria.
Yuengling is sold only in 13 states and Washington, D.C.,
A website,, is collecting online
petitions, and a Bring Yuengling to Ohio Facebook group has
3,800 members.  Dick Yuengling bought the company from
his father in 1985 and has slowly expanded it to sell about 2
million barrels, putting it close to Samuel Adams as the
largest American-owned brewer.
The US has the most strict youth drinking laws in the
Western world, including the highest minimum
drinking age in the entire world.
United States Court of Appeals recently overturned a PA law
that prohibits paid alcohol ads in college newspapers
because it is a violation of the United States Constitution.
Ya gotta love these guys
A. E. Houseman
"And ale does more than Milton can
to justify God's ways to man."

Dean Martin
"If booze and women aren't the answer, then
you're asking the wrong questions."

Frederick The Great
"It is disgusting to note the increase in the
quantity of coffee used by my subjects. This
must be prevented. My people must drink beer."

16th Century Proverb
"Wine is but single broth,
ale is meat, drink, and cloth."
Ernest Hemingway
"It was as natural as eating and, to me, as
necessary. I would not have thought of eating a
meal without drinking a beer."

Shakespeare's Henry V
""I would give all my fame for a pot of
ale and safety."

John Welsh ($90 M lottery winner)
"I'm going to buy a boat... do a little travelling,
and I'm going to be drinking beer!"

Arny Lands (Baker St. Brewery)
"You can tell a great beer from the first sip but
you need a pint to be sure."
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