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Beer and a Shot

Santa Cruz (NM) entrepreneur Scott Gold has
managed to do what no U.S. alcohol company
has: package beer and spirits in the same box,

Gold's package, which sells for $10, is called
The Blanco Basura 5-Pack.  It includes five
12-ounce cans of beer, a bottle of tequila or
bourbon and a shot glass.  So far sales,
primarily in Northern California, have exceed
even Golds best expectations.  He now expects
sales to double once distribution includes
Arizona, and to multiply exponentially once it
spreads to 12 western states in January.

Blanco Basura, which loosely and incorrectly
translates to "white trash" in Spanish, is an
11-year-old company founded originally by Gold
as a branded clothing company that specializes
in original and, some might say, off-the-wall
slogans such as "I never want to see my parents
naked again" on T-shirts, hats and stickers. The
primary market has been racing communities.

It's been one long road for Gold, however, who
says it took him six years to navigate the
regulatory and legal maze of co-packaging
beer and spirits.  He expects to release a series
of new products soon including ale with Irish
whiskey, keg products and separate bottles of
Kentucky whiskey and Mexican tequila.
You don't say.....

Karen Schrugg, a 44, was apprehended by Helena (MT)
police after she hit a Budweiser beer truck with her car.
She struck the beer truck while it was parked at Friendly's
convenience store. Ms. Schurgg then drove off to look for
"more beer".  She said she would have stayed if she realized
it was a Budwiser truck she hit.

Japan's Abashiri Brewery hasfound a use for the icebergs
that wash up on Japan’s cost every year. They’ve melted
them and used the water to make the world’s first blue
beer. The beer contains seaweed as does its green
counterpart. The red beer pigments found in plants and fruit.

Sven Goebel (Germany) has set a new Guinness World
Record for the biggest house made of regular beer
coasters.  The house was made up of around 300,000
individual beer coasters.  After the record was authenticated
Sven, to prove that his beer coaster house wasn’t held
together by glue, simply kicked it down.

Dean Gunnarson, the world-renowned escape artist was
handcuffed and locked in a 240-litre metal drum filled with
beer in a feat that the great Houdini could not do.The lid
was then chained shut with a combination lock.  After two
minutes and 35 seconds Gunnarson  pushed the lid open.
It was an unusual stunt for a man who doesn’t drink.
Ya gotta love these guys
Joe E. Lewis
"I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go
for a week without a drink."

W.C. Fields
"I have been advised my the best medical
authority, at my age, not to attempt to
give up alcohol."

Steve Krabitz
"I got so wasted with beer one night I waited for
the Stop sign to change, and it did."

W.C. Fields
"I drink therefore I am."
Brendan Behan
"I am a drinker with writing problems."

Jeff Favine
"Whiskey is by far the most popular of all
remedies that won't cure a cold."

Mark Lands
"Reality is an illusion created by a lack of
drinking lots of beer."

Arny Lands
"I make it a rule never to drink beer
while I'm sleeping."
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