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Homeless Man Opens Bar

It had seemed like the shuttered Valencia Club
had a new lease on life. Alcohol was flowing,
and customers were crowding the bar.

But Placer County detectives say the landmark
business in Penryn (CA) was actually being
operated by a local homeless transient, who
broke into the club, re-opened it, and posed as
the new owner.  Investigators arrested Travis
Lloyd Kevie, 29 on charges of burglary and
selling alcohol without a license.  

Kevie allegedly broke into the building on July
27th, placed an open sign in the window, and
started selling alcohol with a six pack of beer
he purchased from across the street.


Hold That Stein

Wisconsin  Republican candidate for governor
Mark Neumann may have a future in holding
beer steins. He defeated three other contestants
in a stein-holding advancing him to the
national competition in New York.
The contest requires competitors to hold a
stein full of beer with their arm fully extended.
Neumann made it about five minutes below his
personal best of seven minutes.
You don't say.....

"Ol" is the ancient Scandinavian world for beer.  Experts
cite this as the origin of the word ale which filtered into
English from the Saxons.
For hundreds of years churchyard beer drinking was
common in England.  Many wills providing for ale to be
given away on the date of the person's death.  The drinking
continued at the graveside usually until the beer ran out.
Since the Middle Ages Monks making beer are allowed to
drink five quarts of beer a day.  Even with that incentive
today there is a shortage of brewing monks .
Budweiser Clydesdales pull a 7,000-pound red beer wagon.
Each horse stands six feet tall and weighs between 815 and
1,000 kilograms  They are all bay coloured with white
blazes and feathers. The horses-- there are three hitches of
them -- travel about 11 months of the year.  
They became the symbol of brewer in 1933.
Tossing salted peanuts in a glass of beer makes the peanuts
dance.  The same is true of blueberries and, on
occasion, inebriated people.
Michelob was invented during a brewer’s strike in the
1930s from a recipe put together by the untrained workers
left behind to run the brewery. It was so bad local taverns
returned most of it.  However, after the strike, it  
repackaged it and sold it as Michelob.
Ya gotta love these guys
The People's Daily, China
"When the beer bubbles, the masses
forget their troubles."

Jonathan Swift
"We were to do more business after dinner; but
after dinner means drinking and much
drinking means little thinking."

Robert Brown - 1932
"If Prohibition fails to kill beer outright, amateur
home- brewing may yet finish it off."

Greg Daniels
"When the beer is in the man,  
is the wisdom in the can?."
W.C. Fields
"Beer is your enemy - love your enemies.”

Dorothy Parker
"Three highballs, and I think I'm
St. Francis of Assisi."

Benjamin Franklin
"There are more old drunkards than old doctors."

Casey Stengel  (baseball manager)
"We are in such a slump that even the ones that
aren't drinking aren't hittin'."

James Gobell
"I'm willing to drink every beer at least once"
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