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Wopper, Fries, and Beer

Burger King will unveil plans to sell beer and
burgers at a Whopper Bar — a new BK
concept to compete with casual dining
restaurants — in Miami Beach's tourist-heavy
South Beach. The South Beach Whopper Bar
is scheduled to open in mid-February.

A brew at the new Whopper Bar — served in
special aluminum bottles to keep them extra
cold — fetches $4.25. Or, order beer as part
of a Whopper combo and your bill will be
$7.99 — roughly $2 more than the same
combo meal with a fountain drink.

Sorry, Miller - I'ts the Same Old Cap

Miller Lite's "Taste Protector" caps and lids
are features in their ad campaigns but they
have beer forced to acknowledge that the
tops don't use new technology.  As such, the
National Advertising Division Council of BBB
is demanding the ads be pulled.

MillerCoors has been saying the new golden
tops and lids on Miller Lite, which has been in
a sales slump, have a special seal that "locks
out air and locks in that Great Pilsner Taste."
In reality it's the same old can with the same
old top.  
Shocking, shocking that an
advertisement isn't telling the truth..
You don't say.....

A labeorphile is a person who collects beer bottles

Beer is the second most popular beverage in the world,
coming in behind tea

To get rid of the foam at the top of beer (the head),
stick your fingers in it

To keep your beer glass or mug from sticking to your bar
napkin, sprinkle a little salt on the napkin before you set
your glass down

Tossing salted peanuts in a glass of beer makes
the peanuts dance

Beer is a source of B- complex vitamins

In ancient times, monks who fasted or abstained
from solid food subsisted on beer

Beer wasn’t sold in bottles until 1850. Beer lovers would
visit their local tavern with a special bucket, have it filled
and then begin the merry journey home

Beer was used to treat over 100 illnesses in Egypt, 1600 BC

It was customary in the 13th century to baptize
children with beer

Beer was often served for breakfast in medieval England  
Ya gotta love these guys
Henny Youngman
"Never take a beer to a job interview."

Jeff Levee
"Everybody must believe in something, I believe
I'll have another beer."

Joe Cuffster
"The hardest part about being a bartender is
figuring out who is drunk and who is a
good tipper."

Gareth Chilcott
"I'm off for a quiet pint - followed by
fifteen noisy ones."
W.C. Fields
"I can tell I've had enough to drink when my
knees start to bend backwards.”

P.G. Wodehouse
" It was my Uncle George who discovered that
beer was a food, well in advance of modern
medical thought."

James Joyce
"I'm a strict teetotaler, not taking anything
between drinks"

Brendan Behan
"I saw a notice which said "Drink Canada Dry"
so I've started."
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