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Dog Collar Beer Opener

It might not make you forget about Edison
and Marconi, but an inventor has come up
with something that he believes will change
the world of pet lovers forever - a dog
collar that doubles as a beer bottle opener.

Ken Burnside calls his invention
Bark4Beer and says he is the worlds first
purveyor of such a contraption and has
trademarks and patents to prove it.

The $14.95 collars come with matching
leashes.   The not all there folks behind this
product write on their press release:
"Essentially, we can turn your favorite
four-legged friend into the ultimate party
animal ensuring that there is no shortage of
tail at your next party."  

Where's PETA when we really need them?
You don't say.....

The familiar Bass beer symbol, a red triangle, was
registered in 1876 and is the world's oldest trademark.
Rauchbier, which means "smoke beer" in German, is
made by drying malt over an open flame to impart a
smoky character.
In the USA a barrel contains 31 gallons of beer.  The
average American consumes 23.1 gallons of beer
annually.  More beer is consumed in the SUA on the
4th of July than any other day.
Guinness is known to be high in iron content.  Hospital
patients in Great Britain used to be given Guinness
post operation.  Today, in Ireland, Guinness is
sometimes made available to blood donors and some
intestinal post-operative patients.
For centuries beer was brewed without hops.  It was
flavored with herbs such as rosemay and thyme.
Low to moderate beer consumption may actually
enhance memory according to The Scientific
American. "There are human epidemiological data of
others indicating that mild [to] moderate drinking may
paradoxically improve cognition in people compared
to abstention," says Maggie Kalev, a research fellow
in molecular medicine and pathology at the University
of Auckland in New Zealand
Ya gotta love these guys
Alex Scaldds
"There are better things in life than beer, but beer
makes up for not having them."

Craig Heller
"Beer is tha answer… ..
but what was the question?

Arnie Lands
"I distrust Camels, and anyone else who can go a
week without a enjoying a good beer."

Christopher Columbus (1620)
"We could not take time for further search or
consideration; our victuals being much spent,
especially our beer."
Zach Dark
"Some say the glass is half empty, Some say the
glass is half full, I say
are you gonna drink that beer?”

Dean Martin
" A bartender is God’s angel."

Brian Laurentta
"Beer does not make you FAT – it makes you
LEAN… against tables, chairs, floors, and walls."

Winston Churchill (1944)
"Make sure that the beer - four pints a week -
goes to the troops under fire before any of the
parties in the rear get a drop."
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