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Robot Beer Server

From Japan's Vstone robotics company
and the Advanced Telecommunications
Research Institute International (or ATR)
comes the Robovie-PC, a new hobby
robot with a neat little trick: imitating your
arm movements. It's all a little Robot Jox,
what with the robot's arms moving around
the same as your own thanks to a special
pair of gloves.

The Robovie isn't just a 'bot with a
gimmick, though, it's a serious $4,500 kit.
The 15-inch-tall, five pound Robovie
connects to your PC, has built-in camera
sensors for eyes, features 20 degrees of
freedom and — in the future — will be
able to be decked out with modified
gripper hands and limb extensions.
You don't say.....

Beer Pong Can Give You Swine Flu- There are the
obvious things that will give you swine flu—like getting
sneezed on—and then there is playing beer pong.

Officals at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate
Troy, NY have warned students that the sharing of
cups during games of beer pong lead to the spread of
disease, and especially of the spread of H1N1 this flu
season. The same officials sent out a campus-wide
email detailed a group of students who had all come
down the virus after a weekend game..

Russia is one of the world's largest per-capita
consumers of alcohol. The average Russian drinks 18
liters of alcohol a year. That is more than twice the
maximum amount considered healthy by the World
Health Organization.  In an effort to battle Russia's
rampant alcoholism, Russian President Dmitry
Medvedev announced restrictions barring the sale of
beer in cans or bottles larger than one-third of a liter.
The new rules apply to ''light alcohol'' beverages, but
not to wine, vodka or other hard liquors.  

Russia is the world's fifth-largest beer market. Danish
brewer Carlsberg has about 41 % of the market share.
The government is now trying to increase the excise
tax on beer by an average of 50 percent per year.
The proposal has already affected Carlsberg, which
brews Russia's No. 1 beer, Baltica. The company's
shares recently dropped to a four-week low.
Ya gotta love these guys
Kevin Fishman
"A beer in the hand is worth two in the case."

Leroy Lockhorn
"Beer is the only virtual reality I need."

Brian Lynch
"I set my beer down, but I can't remember where
I put it. I think I must have (Ales)zheimer's."

Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter
My house is about equidistant from the Young's
brewery and the Fuller's brewery.
This is no accident
Rodney Dangerfield (in Back To School)
"Bring a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until
somebody passes out and then bring one
every 10 minutes ."

Arnie Lands
"I have never been into wine. I'm a beer man.
What I like about beer is you basically just drink
it and order more. You don't sniff at it, or hold it
up to the light and slosh it around, or drone on
and on about it, the way people do with wine.
Your beer drinker tends to be a straightforward,
decent, friendly, down-to-earth person, whereas
your serious wine fancier tends to be an
insufferable snot..
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