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250 Years of Guinness

As Guinness and the world celebrate the
250th anniversary of this iconic brew we here
at beernexus thought it was high time to
review the correct way to pour it.  If you see
your bartender doing anything differently just
give him a copy of these directions straight
from the brewery:

Guinness has to be poured three-quarters full
and then left to settle until a clear line between
the dark liquid and the head, known as the
Bishop's Collar, is formed, before being
topped up – the famous two-part pour.

The whole process should take 119 seconds,
90 seconds given over to the liquid-settling

In reality it is often 15 minutes, as the person
behind the bar forgets about the half-poured
pint and, having taken your money, starts
serving other people. Particularly adept bar
persons can draw a shamrock or other design
in the head with a flick of the wrists.

Guinness is brewed in 35 countries, and often
given a local twist. The biggest market is the
UK, followed by Ireland, Nigeria, the US and
Cameroon. Guinness Draught – of the two-
minute pouring – is No 1 in Britain
You don't say.....

The first consumer protection law ever written
(Reinheitsgebot) was enacted over beer by Duke
Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516. It was a purity law
limiting the ingredients of beer to barley,
hops and water.
Beer is the second most popular beverage in the
world, coming in behind tea.
Monks brewing beer in the Middle Ages were allowed
to drink five quarts of beer a day
To keep your beer glass or mug from sticking to your
bar napkin, sprinkle a little salt on the napkin before
you set your glass down.
Bourbon is the official alcohol of the United States, by
an act of Congress. Many people have attempted to
have that overturned in favor of beer but to no avail.  
Not surprisingly, beer is the national drink of Belgium
Ever notice how many beer lovers have beards?  The
folks at Guinness have.  They claim that a pint of beer
is lifted about ten times in the course of drinking it,
and each time about 0.56 ml is lost in a beer drinker’s
facial hair. Don't ask how they ever figured that out.
The first brewery in America was built in Hoboken, NJ
in 1642.  The town is also famed as the
birthplace of Frank Sinatra.
Ya gotta love these guys
Peter Richmond
"Beer needs baseball, and baseball needs beer - it
has always been thus."

Jim Parker
"A bar is better than a newspaper for public
discussion. Just be sure to agree with the person
buying the beer."

Martin Luther
"We old folks have to find our cushions and
pillows in our tankards. Strong beer is the milk
of the old."
August Nanci
"Whoever called it near beer was a
poor judge of distance."

Henny Youngman
"When I read about the evils of drinking beer,
I gave up reading."

Harold Randolph
"Brewers enjoy working to make beer as much
as drinking beer instead of working."
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Thanks to all!

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