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70 Years of Pouring Beer

A suburban Pittsburgh bartender is calling it
quits after more than 70 years. Angelo
Cammarata served his first beer minutes after
Prohibition ended in 1933, a 10-cent bottle of
Fort Pitt at his father's grocery store.

Guinness World Records dubbed him the
longest-serving bartender a decade ago, and
he's earned induction into Jim Beam's
Bartender Hall of Fame and numerous other
honors.  Now 95, it's time for last call. He's
selling the two-room bar he operates with
sons John and Frank.  Mr. Cammarata
credits his own drinking of "two pints a day"
for his good health.

Caning For Drinking Beer

A woman in Muslim-majority Malaysia has
been sentenced to caning for drinking
beer. The nation's Shariah law forbids
Muslims — who make up 60 percent of
the 27 million population- from drinking
alcoholic beverages.  Islamic morality
police — enforcement officials of the
Islamic Religious Department — arrested
the woman in a raid for drinking beer at a
hotel lounge at a beach resort in Cherating.
She was sentenced to six lashes of a rattan
cane by the Shariah court.
You don't say.....

If you see the suffix "ator" attached to the brand name
of a German style beer it generally signifies that the
beer is a dopplebock..

Washington state leads the US in the
production of hops.

"Finings" is a substance made from the bladder of a
sturgeon.  It is often added to beer during
conditioning to clarify it.

The first college founded by a professional brewer
was Vassar (NY) in 1861.  The brewer was Matt
Vassar and the school was only for women.

President Ronald Reagan for a brief time acted as a
spokesperson for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

During WWII the US government required American
breweries to set aside 15% of their production for use
by personnel in the military.

The world's oldest surviving brewpub is reported to be
U Fleku in Prague, Czech Republic.
It was founded in 1499.

Three major league baseball teams once owned by
breweries were the Toronto Blue Jays (Labatt), the St.
Louis Cardinals (Anheuser Busch), and the
NY Yankees (Ruppert's)
Ya gotta love these guys
Arnold Schwarzenegger
"Milk is for babies. When you grow up you
have to drink beer".

Rudyard Kipling
“They told me this story....while we were waiting
for a train.  I supplied the beer.  The tale ws
cheap at a gallon and a half."

Guy Ortiz
"If you can't afford good whiskey, put all your
trust in beer."
Mayor Quimby (Simpsons)
"You can’t seriously want to ban alcohol. It
tastes great, makes women appear more
attractive, and makes a person virtually
invulnerable to criticism.”

Oscar Wilde
“I have made an important discovery that
alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces
all the effects of intoxication."

Shakespeare (King Henry VI)
“I will make it a felony to drink small beer."
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