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Don't Change the Water

One of the original brewers that put Portland
on the beer map is afraid the quality of their
product could be in jeopardy because of a
change in the city's water. The Widmer
Brothers will use 40 million gallons of water
this year to brew their beer and are begging
the city not to install a filtration system on
Portland's water supply.   Widmers' water
source, Bull Run, includes uncovered and
unfiltered reservoirs.  A federal judge has
ordered Portland to put filters in, a move that
the brewery believes would change the taste
of their beer. The Widmer Brothers want the
city to install a less expensive ultraviolet or
ozone purification system instead of filters
but city officials say that will not do the job.

Minimum Beer Price

Molson Coors which produces the UK's
most popular lager has called on the
Government to set minimum prices in a bid
to tackle dangerous binge drinking.
The move has put the company at odds
with major supermarkets, which are
slashing alcohol prices to tempt
customers.  It is also out of step with
brewing rivals, who fear minimum prices
would hit sales and disproportionately
affect the poor.
You don't say.....

Bulgarian beer is the lowest priced in Europe.

The first home brewer to be elected President of the
United States was George Washington.

The best selling beer in the Western Hemisphere
outside of the US is Brahma from Brazil.

Ever wonder why it's a "six" pack and not a four or five
pack?  In the 1930's the major brewing companies
determined that six beer bottles was the maximum
number a woman could carry home at one time.


Some great beer slogans:
"The Champagne of Bottled Beer"- Miller High Life
"The Choicest Product of the Brewer's Art."-Falstaff
"The Beer that is Beer"-Hibernia Brewing
"Makes it Fun to be Thirsty"-Bub's Beer
"The Brew is True"-Connor's Brewing


As advertising slogans go, “Taedong River Beer is the
pride of Pyongyang” isn’t exactly up there with “Tastes
great, less filling,” but it’ll have to do for now since it's
the theme of North Korea first-ever beer commercial
for Ushers brewery.  The brewery was formerly
located in the Wiltshire town of Trowbridge. It was
shipped in 2000, piece-by-piece, to the North
Koreans, and now brews the beer whose ad is
sparking international interest.
Ya gotta love these guys
Art Lands
"Prohibition failed to kill beer but bad home
brewing may yet finish it off."

Otto Van Bismarck
“Beer is the cause of all the radical pot-politics
that men talk over it."

George Borrow
"Of hard old ale...according to my mind, is better
than all the wine in the world."
Steve Fergosi
"A drunk mans words are a sober man's
thoughts. "

Jerry Lee Lewis
“What made Milwaukee famous, made a loser
out of me....”

Rudyard Kipling
“Pay day came and with it beer."
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