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Beer Bikes

Amsterdam, is the home of ”beer bikes” that
tour people around the city. These booze-
filled bikes have come under heavy scrutiny
by the government due to two recent,
drunken, crashes. A beer bike from the
popular  Beerbiking Tours, generally seat
about 20 people, including a sober driver. A
two-hour tour on the weekend costs about
$34 per person, beer included. There’s even
a special version of the beerbike that includes
karaoke. The city is considering putting the
brakes on these beer mobiles, but it isn’t
clear what they mean to do.
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Beer in a Pouch

The CarboPouch by the Beverage Pouch
Group is designed for small brewers,
letting them fill a six pack to go on-site, so
they don't need to buy any  beer-filling
assembly line contraptions.
The best part is the "organoleptic film
structure" that doesn't change the taste of
the beer at all. The slightly flexible pouch
gives the beer room to fizz, and it's easy to
fill with the cap on the bottom.
You don't say.....

A robbery suspect in Lincoln, Neb., donned a unique
disguise when he robbed a convenience store- an
empty Bud Lite beer box on his head. He also
wrapped a rag around his hand suggesting he was
carrying a gun, but never flashed a weapon.
It's the second time the so-called "Beer Bandit" struck
the local shops. Police think the robberies were
planned since there were eye holes cut out in the box.


The most expensive beer in the world is served in
Bolivia, where the price of a pint averages nearly $10
(USA) a pint. United Arab Emirates are ranked second
most expensive beer nation with an average price of a
pint set at $9.25. The third place is given to Norway
($7.25 per pint), the fourth  to Djibouti ($7), the fifth –
to Greenland ($6.75). The top ten list of world’s most
expensive beer countries also includes Guadeloupe,
France, Iceland, Andorra, and Equatorial Guinea.


In the 27 EU countries, the highest beer excise duty
rates are imposed by Finland and Ireland (61.74 and
51.99 pence per pint respectively).  The UK (45.89
pence per pint) is ranked third.  Next come Sweden
(43.15 pence per pint), Denmark (19.42), Slovenia
(17.95), Netherlands (17.08), Italy (14.76), Estonia
(12.88), and Austria (12.56). Belgium is 13th (10.74
pence per pint). The lowest excise duty on beer in the
EU is paid by the Romanians (4.15 pence per pint).
Ya gotta love these guys
Robert Benchley
"Drinking makes such fools of people, and people
are such fools to begin with, that it's
compounding a felony"

Jeff Levin
“You don't have to be a beer drinker to play
darts, but it helps."

Hawkeye on M*A*S*H
"I'll stick with gin.  Champagne is just ginger ale
that knows somebody."
W.C. Fields
"Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live
for days on nothing but food and water. "

Raymond Chandler
“I think a man ought to get drunk at least twice a
year just on principle, so he won't let himself get
snotty about it.”

Tony Berkley
“Good beer is bottled poetry."
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