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Beer and Baseball

Officials say attendance and revenue are
rising at Charlotte (SC) Knights baseball
games since voters approved
Sunday beer sales.

This baseball season is the first time fans
can have a cold beer at a Sunday game at
the ballpark in Fort Mill, S.C. They already
can have beer during the rest of the week.

Knights general manager Dan Rajkowski
said Sunday attendance and revenue have
risen more than five percent since beer
sales began.

Chocolate/Beer Car

Designers from Warwick university,
United Kingdom, have come up with a
Formula Three model racing car which
is powered by chocolate oils and beer.

The body work was made from
potatoes, the steering wheel from carrot
fibres and the seat from soybean foam.
Dr Kerry Kirwan, the designer, said the
aim was to produce something "fun, fast
and exciting that was totally 'green'."
You don't say.....

Unlike wines, most beers should be stored upright to
minimize oxidation and metal or plastic contamination
from the cap. High-alcohol ales, however, which
continue to ferment in their corked bottles, should be
stored on their sides.


In 1965, a Belgian royal decree mandated that
lambics must contain a minimum of 35% wheat. It also
ordered that labels state the name and location
of the brewery.


Bottle caps, or "crowns," were invented in Baltimore
(USA) in 1892 by William Painter. Painter proved his
invention's worth when he convinced a local brewer to
ship a few hundred cases of beer to South America
and back and they returned without a leak.

Even if you don't have one of the ten most common
phobias - if you're a beer lover, then you may have
Cenosillicaphobia. This is the fear of an empty (beer)
glass. On other hand, a little known fact about beer is,
if you collect beer bottles, then you're a Labeorphilist.
And, if you collect beer coasters, then you're
a Tegestologist.
Ya gotta love these guys
Artie Landis
"The best beer in the world, is the open bottle
in your hand!"

Frederick the Great
“It is disgusting to note the increase in the
quantity of coffee used by my subjects and the
amount of money that goes out of the country in
consequence. Everybody is using coffee. If
possible, this must be prevented. My people must
drink beer."
W.C. Fields
"I drink therefore I am"

Rodney Dangerfield
“I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine
sample it had an olive in it.”

Kevin Fisyh
“There's nothing wrong with sobriety....
in moderation."
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