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No Beer Goggles

A recent study by psychologists indicated
that men no longer can use the excuse of
having “beer goggles”. They found that
men do not find women more attractive
after drinking alcohol; they actually find
them less attractive. They also claim that
alcohol did not affect a mans ability to
guess a woman’s age.  

The study took place in a bar in which
there were 120 sober men and women,
and 120 who have been drinking. They
were shown a digitally altered photo of a
21year old, manipulated to show how the
girl would look ages 18 and 29. The
researchers found no different in age
guesses between the drinkers and the non-
drinkers or in perception of "beauty".

Sparks Fly

In response to complaints filed by
dozens of state attorneys general,
MillerCoors has agreed to stop
producing its colorful combination of
alcohol and caffeine, also known as
“Sparks.” authorities were concerned
that the mix of alcohol and caffeine
could mask signs of drunkenness,
encouraging young consumers to drink
in excess. Sparks has 6
.5 % alcohol.
You don't say.....

Some of the best (worst?) beer names:
Old Pecker, Moose Drool, Brise Bon-Bons!
(Ball-Breakers), Yellow Snow IPA (also it's a great
beer),  Ale Mary Full of Taste, Dark Lord Imperial
Stout, Smooth Hoperator, Hoptical Illusion, and of
course, Delirium Tremons


The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company has hired famed
chef Gordon Ramsey, from the hit TV show Hell's
Kitchen) to be their beer spokesperson.   Innis &
Gunn, which uses a base beer made at the Belhaven
Brewery then matures it in oak casks, has already
been growing rapidly since being launched six years
ago. The company is expecting to sell 14,000 barrels
this year after a "phenomenal" start to the 2009.


This gives new meaning to having one for the road -
Flying Fish Brewing Company recently released Exit
4, an American Trippel ale and the first in its series of
beers that pays tribute to the New Jersey Turnpike.

Gay and lesbians groupsin the US have targeted
Jamaican products Red Stripe beer and Myers Rum in
a boycott of the Caribbean island to support local
homosexuals who they said were being oppressed
Ya gotta love these guys
Dan Hodge
"There may be a few good men who don't drink,
but they've got to prove it."

Ben Franklin
“He that drinks fast, pays slow.”

Martin Luther
We old folks have to find our cushions and
pillows in our tankards. Strong beer is the
milk of the old.”
Fritz Maytag (Anchor Brewing)
"We brewers don’t make beer, we just get all the
ingredients together and the beer makes itself."

Father Theodore, Trappist Monk
“I'll have another beer. I'm not driving.”

Peter Richmond
“There is only one game at the heart of America
and that is baseball, and only one beverage to be
found sloshing at the depths of our national soul
and that is beer."
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