mR. bReWski says.......
Don't mix sangria with beer

New legislation now makes it legal for
restaurants to make and sell sangria in
Virginia, but it's still illegal to make and sell
beer cocktails or any other drink
containing spirits along with either beer or
wine. Violations of the prohibition carry a
large fine and up to one year imprisonment.


Earn More, Drink More

Women in the US who drink alcoholic
beverages earn 14 percent more than
nondrinkers and men who drink make 10
percent more than abstainers, according to
an economic analysis published in the
Journal of Labor Research. Men who
drink in a bar at least once a month earn
an additional 7 percent, for a total of 17
percent more than nondrinkers.

Beer Cannot Be Refreshing

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (BAFT) bans the word
"refreshing" to describe any
alcohol beverage.
You don't say.....

A standard beer, glass of wine or drink of a distilled
beverage each contain equivalent amounts of alcohol.
To a breathalyzer they're identical. In spite of their
alcohol equivalence, the three product categories
tend to be viewed and treated very differently in
society. For example, laws often treat them unequally,
they are taxed at very different rates and operate
under distinct  laws about advertising.


Scientists have finally discovered why British chips
smell so irresistible. The research was done at Leeds
University in London in conjunction with National Chip
Week. The scientists analyzed the aroma of the fried
potatoes and decided they have a "complex blend of
scents that includes butterscotch, cocoa, cheese and
flowers."  They concluded that "all things being equal,
it's the smell that makes a chip bad, good, or great. "

The fast growing beer producer on the plant is also
America’s  biggest and most award-winning Jewish
Beer Company.  Shmaltz Brewing reports over 80%
growth during the last twelve months. Over the last
five years Shmaltz has seen over 1000% growth.
Ya gotta love these guys
Abraham Lincoln
"“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the
truth, they can be depended upon to meet any
national crisis. The great point is to bring them
the real facts, and beer.” "

Ernest Hemmingway
"It was as natural as eating and, to me, as
necessary. I would not have thought of eating a
meal without drinking a beer."
Ben Franklin
“He that drinks fast, pays slow.”

Henry Miller
"Keep your libraries, your penal institutions,
your insane-asylums... give me beer. You
think man needs rule, he needs beer. The
world does not need morals, it needs beer...
The souls of men have been fed with
indigestibles, but the soul could make
use of beer."
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