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Cool Beer Mats

Collecting beer mats/coasters is a fun
hobby for many. These new coasters are
not only soon to be collectibles they're just
a lot of fun for anyone.

When smoking was banned in pubs in
Australia, Nicorette created a coaster that
could be turned into goal posts to give
people something to do with their hands
instead of smoke. Along with this,
Nicorette used a play on words with
kicking and goals and "kicking the habit."

These coasters read "Good Things Come
to Those Who Wait." You are only able to
read the in the reflection of a dark beer in
a clean glass.

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You don't say.....
Top holidays for beer sales in the US:
1. July 4
2. Labor Day
3. Memorial Day
4. Father’s Day
5. Christmas
6. Thanksgiving
7. Easter
8.  Super Bowl


Signs seen at the Outback Steakhouse bar:

Let us know if you valet parked.
We don't have valet parking.

Yes, beer qualifies as an appetizer
The Iron City Brewing Company is shipping
thousands of cases of Iron City Beer to Florida prior
to the Steelers-Cardinals matchup in the Super
Bowl. A representative from the brewer said the
company wants to have  hopes to make the Black
and Gold fans of Pittsburgh feel at home.

The JD Wetherspon pub chain has bucked the
credit crunch by reducing the price of a pint of beer
to just 99p, a move that will give thirsty Brits their
cheapest beer in the last 2 decades. The offer will
run "indefinitely" at their 713 UK pubs.
Ya gotta love these guys
W.C. Fields
"A woman drove me to drink and I didn't even
have the decency to thank her."

Samuel Johnson
"No, sir: There is nothing which has yet been
contrived by man by which so much happiness is
produced as by a good tavern or inn."

Rudyard Wheatly
I've always believed that paradise will have my
favorite beer on tap."
Bobert Benchly
“Prohibition makes you want to cry into your
beer, and denies you the beer to cry into."

Washington Irving
"It is a fair wind that blew men to the ale."

Mark Hawkins
"Show me a nation whose national beverage is
beer, and I'll show you an advanced toilet
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