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Bar staff refused to serve disabled Lee Cook
a third bottle of beer - saying he'd be over the
limit and would not be able to use his electric
wheelchair.Lee, 33, who has cerebral palsy,
could not believe his limit if he was planning to
go home in the wheelchair. Lee, whose
wheelchair has a top speed of 4mph, said he
has been a regular in the Stick Or Twist pub in
Leeds for years and has never had a proble.
A spokesman for the pub's owner JD
Weatherspoons said Lee had been mixed up
with another wheelchair user who had agreed
to have no more than two drinks.

A clever iPhone app takes advantage of the
tilt sensor in the mobile phone and lets you
perform amazing beer tricks like brewing,
drinking, shaking, and what brew wouldn’t be
complete without the belch. The iBeer 2.0 app
is being sold for $2.99 and for you teetotalers,
there is even an iMilk app.


The Alberta government is implementing new
liquor rules, including minimum drink prices, in
an effort to curb binge drinking and bar
violence. Starting Aug. 1, the province will
eliminate cheap drink specials, regulate the
duration of "happy hours," and limit the
quantity of last-call orders.  
Strongest British Brew

A brewery which claims to make the
strongest beer in Britain is under
renewed attack for creating a drink
called Speedball — the name of the
notorious heroin-cocaine cocktail.
Health campaigners have previously
criticised the company, BrewDog, after
it launched Tokyo, a stout with an
alcohol content of 12%, twice that of
the strongest mainstream beers and
stronger than the average wine.
Speedball, by comparison, is less
strong, with an alcohol by volume
content of 8%, but its name angered
politicians and health campaigners.
James Watt, the managing director of
BrewDog, said the beer has been
designed for connoisseurs and will not
be sold in pubs.
Beer Pong -video game
Connecticut's attorney general Richard
Blumenthal blasted a video game called
Beer Pong, based on a popular college
drinking game. Blumenthal said he
believes the game glorified alcohol
abuse and binge drinking. Game
manufacturer Patricia E. Vance said that
alcohol only plays a minimal role and no
one was shown drinking beer. In
response to criticism the name of the  
game has been changed to Pong Toss.
Ya gotta love these guys
Founding Fathers
Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of
the Declaration of Independence in a
tavern. The first signer, John Hancock,
was an alcohol dealer.

Pete Tambby
""I drink when I have occasion, and
sometimes when I have no occasion.”

Dan Hodge
"Light beer is an invention of the Prince
of Darkness”.
H.L. Menken
“I've made it a rule never to drink by
daylight and never to refuse a drink
after dark”.

G.Toms Bark
"The mouth of a perfectly happy man is
filled with beer."

Old Norse Saying
“Ale it is called among men, and among
gods, beer.”
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