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The Haitian voodoo cure for a hangover-
stick thirteen black-headed pins intot he cork
of the bottle that gave you the hangover.
If that's not your style try the traditional Irish
remedy of a glass of stout laced with port wine.


First take a cyber visit to the
Czech Beer Museum:

Then enjoy this great rant on craft beer
Rick Reed at Cricket Hill Brewery


In October, Anheuser-Busch will launch yet
another Budweiser line extension, Budweiser
Ale, which will be available in 12 oz. bottles
and three keg sizes. Speaking of which, did
you know tThe world "ale" comes from "ault",
the Viking word for bitter?

Beer names that end in "-ator", indicate the
beer is a double bock (doppelbock in
German) style.  Although not twice the
strength of bocks ad doppelbock is definitely
higher in alcohol than standard beers.
Illegal Potables

In Virginia sangria was the talk of the
statehouse after a Spanish restaurant
was cited for illegally mixing brandy
with wine, in violation of a 1930s-era
statute. Idaho lawmakers may soon
amend the criminal code to permit
vodka sales on election days. And in
Colorado, lawmakers have considered
rescinding a law that bans supermarkets
(but not liquor stores) from selling wine
with more than 3.2% alcohol content.

In Alabama, home-brewing beer has
long been a Class A misdemeanor, with
a penalty of up to a year in jail and a
$2,000 fine. It's another Class A
misdemeanor to sell or distribute any
beer with more than 6% alcohol
content. That puts off-limits 85 of the
100 top-rated beers in the world, as
ranked by beer reviewer Sandy Feld.

Happy Chinese New Year

More Tsingtao beer is sold during
Chinese New Year than any other
period. This year, Costco Wholesale
will carry China's most famous beer
during celebrations of the Year of the
Rat, Tsingtao is China's oldest and most
famous beer and the 10th largest
brewery in the world.
Ya gotta love these guys
Saint Columbanus
"It is my design to die in the brew-house; let
ale be placed to my mouth when I am
expiring, that when the choirs of angels
come, they may say, 'Be God propitious to
this drinker.'"

Thomas Jefferson
""Beer softens the temper, cheers the spirit
and promotes health."

Charles Dickens
"It's hard to tell which is best: music, food,
beer or rest."
Fritz Maytag
"We brewers don’t make beer, we just
get all the ingredients together and the
beer makes itself.”

Tony Magee (Lagunitas Brewing)
""Beer Speaks. People Mumble."

Chris Tsaar
"There are two reasons for drinking beer:
one is when you are thirsty, to cure it;
the other, when you are not thirsty,
to prevent it.”
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