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Fridge Roundup

Ontario's great beer fridge roundup is
proving to be a big success, and is
helping the province meet its energy
conservation goals at the same time.
The province wide program to remove
old, inefficient appliances surpassed the
50,000-unit milestone.

Energy Minister Gerry Phillips says it
costs about $150 a year to keep the old
fridges plugged in, and says it's time to
put the beer in the upstairs fridge and
get rid of the old one; for every 10 to
12 fridges removed, one typical Ontario
home is effectively removed from the
grid forever.

World's Most Expensive Beers

Vintage No. 1 – Carlsberg A/S, Copenhagen,
Denmark - $396.47 for 37.5 cl = $10.57/cl

Sam Adams Utopias – Boston Beer Company,
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - $100 for 72 cl
= $1.39/cl

Vielle Bon Secours – brewed by Brasserie
Caulier, Peruwelz, Belgium –  UK - $1260 for
15 liter bottle = $0.84/cl

Bush Prestige – Brasserie Dubuisson Freres
sprl, Leuze-Pipaix, Belgium - $50 for 750 ml =

Baladin Xyauyu - Birrificio Le Baladin, Piozzo,
Italy - $43.05 for 750 ml = $0.57/cl
You don't say.....

If you're a fan of high-test brews and ales,
February is a good thing -- Strong Beer Month
in San Francisco. Beer as potent as 11.2 %
will be featured at area pubs along with a
commemorative glass  for the sixth annual
event. Potent brews with names like Golden
Doom and Old Thunderpussy Barley Wine will
be available. The big question is why isn't
Strong Beer Month a national holiday?


Yes, it does exist - a beer with yerba mate tea.
The new beer, Dado Beir Ilex, is made by a
Brazilian brewery called Dado Beir.  Yerba
Mate is an herb that originates in South
America and has been brewed into beverages
since long before the Europeans arrived. It's a
drink that has also gained popularity for
its health benefits.   So now a beer
really is good for you.

Many of the great names of British brewing
have downed their final pints and headed for
the exit. Once there was Bass Charrington,
Allied Breweries, Whitbread, Courage
Imperial, and Watneys.  Now you can add
Scottish & Newcastle to the list  of once-
mighty brewers as they have agreed to a take
over offer by Carlsberg and Heineken.
Ya gotta love these guys
Fran lebowitz
"My Grandmother is over eighty and still
doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of
the bottle."

Dean Martin
"If you drink, don't drive.
Don't even putt. "

Dave Barry
Electricity is actually made up of
extremely tiny particles called electrons,
that you cannot see with the naked eye
unless you have been drinking.
George Gobel
"I've never been drunk, but often
I've been over served."

W.C. Fields
"I exercise strong self control. I never drink
anything stronger than gin before breakfast."

Henny Youngman
A drunk was in front of a judge. The judge
says "You've been brought here for
drinking." The drunk says
"Okay, let's get started."
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