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Making beer at home is illegal in Mississippi.
Making wine at home is OK as long as it's for
your own consumption. Go figure.
South African Breweries Lmited is hoping
they  will not run out of beer this holiday
season when beer sales traditionally increase
nearly 50%. The brewer, which has nearly
97% of their homeland's beer market, recently
experienced glass shortages to make
things even worse.
It was an early Christmas for residents of
Walusubi , Uganda when a truck carrying 800
crates of the Eagle Lager brand,overturned at
to avoid a collision with a bus. All the beer was
consumed before tow trucks arrived.

There's a new beer for tipplers whose gluten
allergies put regular suds off-limits. Called
Nubru, it uses maltose corn syrup and pea,
lentil or bean extract to add the carbohydrates
and protein other beers get from barley malt.
The creation of the Winnipeg-based Canadian
Malting Barley Technical Centre, its niche
market is the one to two per cent of the
population allergic to gluten.
Big Party in Georgia

Sounds like some south Georgia crooks
have been stocking up for a big New
Year's Eve bash. Thieves took
tractor-trailers loaded with beer twice
within the past week.

Authorities are investigating a report of
a missing 53-foot-long trailer that was
loaded with more than 2,300 cases of
beer. Police said more than 300 cases
of beer were stolen from another
tractor-trailer which they found three
miles from it's original location.
The truck, according to the
police, was empty.

Beer Not ok in OK

A new poll seems to reinforce
Oklahomans' historical reluctance to
liberalize alcohol sales. Fifty-nine
percent of those surveyed in the latest
Oklahoma Poll say they're against a plan
to legalize the sale of wine and strong
beer in grocery and convenience stores.
The idea is generally supported by
grocers and wholesalers and opposed
by retail liquor stores. Thirty-five
percent favored the change, and six
percent were undecided.
SPECIAL -  The Beer Bottle Symphony Orchestra
Ya gotta love these guys
Hugh Hood
“"Nothing ever tasted better than a cold
beer on a beautiful afternoon with
nothing to look forward to than more of
the same."

Bishop John Still
"Back and side go bare, go bare, both
foot and hand go cold; but, belly, God
send thee good ale enough,
whether it be new or old."
Paracelus, Greek physician
"A little bit of beer is divine medicine."

Joe E.Lewis
"I went on a diet, swore off drinking and
heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost
two weeks."

D.J. Sotti
"Light beer is an invention of the Prince of
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