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If you read BeerNexus you probably know that
Budweiser is the largest selling beer in the
world, but do you know who is #2?

It's soon to be Snow, the Chinese beer brand
partly owned by brewer SABMiller.

Snow sold 2.3 billion liters, up 77 percent on
the year. If it maintains this rate, it should
easily overtake Belgian beer producer InBev's
Skol to become the second-largest brand in
the world by volume.


Just who are the most legendary drinkers of
all time?  We asked nationally known
wine/beer expert J.R. Attamante for his list:

John Barrymore
W.C. Fields
Hank Williams
Andre the Giant
Dylan Thomas
Winston Churchill
Ernest Hemingway
Richard Harris
Edgar Allen Poe
Benjamin Franklin
Robert Burns
Dean Martin
Good Sportsmanship Beer

University of Texas alumni and
Longhorn football fans have their own
unique ways of rooting for their team.
For Rob and Amy Cartwright, UT
alumni and founders of Austin’s
Independence Brewing Co., it means
brewing Oklahoma Suks Beer.

Released once a year, Oklahoma Suks
Beer is only available the week before
the University of Texas football game,
against Oklahoma University.  

"We’re releasing over four times the
amount of Oklahoma Suks Beer this
year, but inevitably there will be some
Longhorn fans who won’t be able to
get it. We brewed as much as we
could, and we’ll be able to brew even
more next year as the brewery grows"
said Amy Cartwright.

Not surprisingly, the beer is available
only in Texas grocery stores.
Ya gotta love these guys
Thomas Jefferson
“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the
temper, cheers the spirit and
promotes health.”

D.J. Poulsen
“A fine beer may be judged with only one
sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”
Brendan Behan
“To get enough to eat was regarded as an
achievement. To get drunk was a victory.”

Arthur Lewis
"The difference between a drunk and a
alcoholic is that a drunk doesn’t have to
attend all those meetings.”
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