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In Arizona an obviously intoxicated person
can only stay for 30 minutes at the
establishment that recognized he was drunk.
In California it is illegal for producers of
alcoholic beverages to list the names of
retailers or restaurants that sell their
products, whether it is in advertising or in
newsletters...It is illegal to display alcoholic
beverages within five feet of a cash register in
a store that sells both alcohol and motor fuel.  
In Indiana it  is illegal for liquor stores to sell
milk or cold soft drinks. They can, however,
sell soft drinks at room temperature….It is
illegal to carry an alcoholic drink from the bar
to a table - this can only be done by a waiter
or waitress…Drinks "on the house" are illegal.
In St. Louis, MO, it is illegal to sit on a street
curb and drink beer from a bucket...It is illegal
for any person under 21 to handle household
trash with even one empty alcohol
beverage container in it.
In Nebraska it is illegal for a bar to sell beer
unless it is simultaneously brewing a kettle
of soup.
In North Dakota beer and pretzels cannot be
served at the same time in any bar or
In Texas the Encyclopedia Brittanica is
banned because it contains a recipe for
making homebrew...In Lefors, TX, it is illegal
to take more than three sips of beer while
Get Gassed

Israeli entrepreneurs reportedly have
developed a beer that contains laughing
gas. CNN reported Sunday that two
Israeli chemical engineers have come up
with a way of incorporating nitrous
oxide into an imported Czech beer,
obtained Health Ministry approval and
plan to start selling the product once it
is patented.

According to the report, the beer is
likely to cause its drinkers to laugh,
though the amount of laughing gas
bubbles the brew contains is small and
they quickly leave the body. The
entrepreneurs also plan to market a
similar hybrid vodka. The projects
elicited censure from Israel's Anti-Drug
Authority, which noted that laughing
gas is a controlled substance.

Trade of the Season

The Fullerton Flyers, an independent
minor league baseball team recently
traded for a pitcher from a team in
Schaumburg, Ill.  The Flyers acquired
the pitcher by sending the Schaumburg
team 60 cases of Budweiser.

Why? The pitcher is Nigel Thatch, who
is 0-3 in seven starts but is also the
actor who played cocky athlete Leon in
Budweiser commercials.

"This trade was a bargain for us,"
Fullerton General Manager Ed Hart told
the Chicago Tribune, "Nigel really gave
us a unique presence in the sports
Ya gotta love these guys
Mickey Spillane
“"Mike Hammer drinks beer because
I can't spell cognac."

Homer Simpson
Bart: "Can I get you a beer, Dad?" Lisa:
"No, I want to get him a beer!" Homer:
"Kids, kids. You can BOTH get me a beer..'
Oscar Wilde
"I have made an important discovery that
alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities,
produces all the effects of intoxication."

Tom Barks
“Spilling your beer is the worst form of
alcohol abuse .”
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