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The more you drink it sometimes becomes
difficult to find just where you put that drink.
The solution  is the Beer Pager, an insulated
beer-holder with a beeper in it. You activate
the remote, and the Pager goes off. Of
course, if you're drunk enough to lose your
beer, you might be drunk enough to eat your
pager remote.


This robot automatically opens cans of whatever  
is your preferred tipple, and then pours it in a tall
mug it stores in its belly. The device holds up to
six cans of beer in the refrigerated compartment
and sells online for $799.
Russia Bans Beer Ad

Many of the beer advertisements that
flow freely on late-night television in
Russia target men.  Now state
regulators say one of them went too far.

By seeming to celebrate the lack of male
messiness and manners an ad for a
brand owned by Dutch giant Heineken
"broke the law and threatened family
values", the Russian Federal
Anti-Monopoly Service said .

The ad  aped an opinion poll, saying "89
per cent of men believe they are not
guilty of anything", and showed images
including dirty footprints on a carpet, a
nearly empty refrigerator and a flower
bed ruined by an errant soccer ball.

The spot,  violated legislation barring
the use in advertising of "obscene or
insulting images, including in relation to
gender, race, ethnicity, professions or
social status". The reference to gender
in the legislation was inserted to
discourage what officials saw as an
attack on family values.

The ad "promotes and strengthens a
model of male behaviour that proposes
open disdain for family responsibilities",
the statement said. It "uses an image of
conduct that is offensive to the family
as a whole and also to the family values
that are protected in society".
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Beer Pager
Kevin Kline, "Silverado
“"Yeah, there's nothing like a good,
smelly saloon."

Oscar Wilde
"I have made an important discovery that
alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities,
produces all the effects of intoxication."
K. P. Principal
Hoppiness is Happiness

T.R. Lynch
“So put me in a cool place where I'm the King
of Beers, 40 to 45 degrees will do..”
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