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The ashes of James Doohan, better known
engineer “Scotty” on the classic sci-fi TV
series Star Trek, flew alongside another
special payload on  Aerospace's SpaceLoft-2
rocket  launched from a New Mexico space
port on May 28.

The companion package held the
“ingredients” of what space commerce
company, Microgravity Enterprises Inc. says
is the “first true space beer”. The
ingredients, the amounts and types of which
are secret and patented, will be delivered
next week to a “production facility” that in the
span of a month which will generate an
otherworldly brew called Comet Tail Ale to be
sold nationally.. Maybe their slogan should be
"Beam Me Up A Beer, Scotty."
A beer company wants to sponsor Paris Hilton's
jail time.  Ads placed in US papers by Aussie
advertising king Jack Singleton implore authorities
to send the socialite to Australia instead of jail.

Singleton is cashing in on Paris Hilton's
association with the  Australian beer Bondi
Blonde.  The ads claim they are a "community
service announcement" and read "Please send
Paris Hilton to the world's biggest convict colony:
Australia. Paris has already served time Down
Under. We'd be happy (especially the blokes) to
have her back".
Hedonism Controversy

The Legacy Brewing Company's
Hedonism beer is the center of  
controversy because of its label and
packaging art.  Some distributors  are
selling the cases wrapped in brown
paper bags.  Other wholesalers are  
turning away  deliveries at the door.

It seems the packaging is a little too
risqué for some. The cartoonish
characters on the bottles and cases
seem to naked. To further the fuel the
imagination the box reads "An orgy of
ingredients."  The artwork is by  Deric
Hettinger who traveled to a many  of
beer festivals where he painted and
developed ideas for the design while
festival-goers passed by.

The publicity has proven a boon to the
Legacy Brewing Company as sales of
the beer has soared.  It sure helps that
that Hedonism is an excellent
brew(American Strong Ale) and at110
IBUs it is a hop lover's dream
red ale; massive hop flavor and
full aroma from dry-hopping
with whole flowers. 7.1% ABV
Ya gotta love these guys
Grant Johnson
“A fine beer may be judged with only one
sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”

John Ciardil
“Fermentation and civilization are
Kurt Firemand
I have a drinking problem.
(2 hands 1 mouth)

B.T. Lynch
“Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, It makes
you lean....
Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles.”
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