mR. bReWski says.......
Say it ain't so

The German scientist prof. Dr.
Günter Leick, Fachbereich
Chemieingenieruwesen, Münster,
released a study of 60 different
beers for their contents of
fuselalcohol, the part of alcohol
that is reputed to be responsible
for the headache some drinkers
get after long evening of imbibing.

Dr. Leich discovered that  wheat
beer has almost double the  
fuselalcohol of a standard pilsner.

That means that the risk for a
hangover may be bigger after
drinking a wheat beer than other

Surprisingly the study also showed
there were differences of
fuselalcohol in the same beer
produced in two different places.  

The largest difference was found to
be between the DanishTuborg beer
and the German brewed version.  
The Danish has much less

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My Favorite Bar Signs

Buying someone a drink is five
times better than a handshake.


A bar is a college, not a nursery. If
you spill a beer, clean it up. If you
break a glass, wait for a staff
member to clean it up, then blame
it on someone else.
Ya gotta love these guys

Winston Churchill-
"He has all of the virtues that I
dislike, and none of the vices
that I admire."

Homer Simpson-
"You can't buy happiness....but
you can pour it."

Dean Martin-
"I like to drink, and I like to sing.
Most people prefer that I drink."