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Bottles or Cans?

A new survey conducted by Opinion Research
Corp.indicates that the alcoholic beverage you
choose can have a profound on your love life.
"Forget about the size of his hands, her tattoos,
how he dresses or the way she dances," suggests
the study. "Whether you're seeking lifelong
passion or just an evening of fun, just look at
what your date is drinking." Canned beer drinkers
are the hottest catch, described as "friendly and
open" by 77 percent of the respondents.  A
non-drinker is likely to offer a firm handshake or
peck on the cheek at most, while a bottled beer
drinker will be in the mood for a somewhat
passionate kiss, but if your catch of the evening is
drinking canned beer then let the fireworks begin!

Cheap Hops

A recent fire reportedly wiped out four percent of
the 2006 hops harvest in the U.S. The first
question any reasonable person asked upon
hearing the news was, will this affect the price of
my beer? According to Ann George, administrator
of the Washington Hop Commission, no sweat.
"This isn't like the oil industry," she said. "They're
an important ingredient but not a terribly
expensive one." That was nice. But then she
explained why: "Even if the cost of hops increases
by 50 percent, there would still be only 2.5 cents
worth of hops in every 31 gallons of beer."
Race for Beer

The annual woman-carrying competition
at the Sunday River Ski Resort in Bethel,
Maine, fractures the phrase "behind
every great man stands a great woman."

Men actually carry women on their backs
in the race which just completed its fifth
year of competition, the Lewiston
(Maine) Sun Journal said. Twenty-seven
teams competed in the event, which ski
resort officials said was a record.

The course -- all 278 yards of it --
includes a hairpin turn, a log hurdle and a
water trench that a man must navigate
with a woman clutching him around the
neck. The prize is beer and money based
on the female's weight.

This year's winner was John Ferra who
took home 12 cases of beer and $675 --
five times his wife's Tess' weight. They
also received $1,000 for airfare to fly to
next year's world championships in
Finland.  The Ferra's winning time was 1
minute 6.5 seconds


See world record for opening beer
bottles with a helicopter!
Ya gotta love these guys
1920s anti-temperance slogan
“"Why should mother go without her
nourishing glass of Ale or Stout on
washing day?"

Joe E. Lewis
“I went on a diet, swore off drinking and
heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost
two weeks.”
Brian "Beer Poet" Lynch
"“No poems can live long or please that are
writtenbywater drinkers.”

Matthew Churchgale
"Wherever beer is brewed all is well; wherever
beer is drunk life is good”
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