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Horse a Pub Regular

A horse has become a regular at a pub in the
north of England.Peggy, a 12-year-old cart horse,
likes bitter beer and pickled onion chips.

Jackie Gray, who recently took over the
Alexandra Hotel in Jarrow near Newcastle, said
Peggy was a shock the first time she saw her.
But she has gotten used to the horse. She's no
bother when she's in, Gray said.. Peter Dolan,
Peggy's owner, used to tie her up outside. But
one day Peggy, on a rope that was too long,
followed him into the bar and he quickly learned
that the horse had a taste for bitter.

Most of the regulars know her as she's been
coming in here for years. She's a proper lady.
"Sometimes she's better than some of the ladies
we get in here" said pub regular Cullen Joseph.

Happy 10th Anniversary

He'Brew beer is now celebrating its 10th
anniversary.  Founder Jeremy Cowan says that
starting out, he and his friends just thought it
would be fun for Jews to have their own beer
and brewed up something called "He'Brew." Ten
years later, with 2 million bottles sold, it's
not a joke anymore.  Cowan says he likes the
beer, but wouldn't want to abandon the inside
joke that started it all, the punch line being
"don't pass out, pass over."
Beer Poll

Why don't Australians drink more
boutique beer? Are women turned
off from beer by the image of
overweight lugs chugging?

Those questions and more are
being researched by University of
Tasmania sociology student Stuart
Grant and he wants public input.
"My project will help us understand
how market dynamics affect beer
consumption in Australia."

Mr Grant, who is based in
Launceston, Australia wants to
interview people aged over 18 -
both drinkers and non-drinkers - on
beer. His mobile phone number is
0404 166021.  Go ahead and give
him a call even if you're not in his
continent.  He might enjoy the
input and the phone company
will surely enjoy it too.


See the Beer Cannon
(submitted by Brewer Jeff)
Ya gotta love these guys
Fritz Maytag
"“Beer does not make itself properly by itself.
It takes an element of mystery and of things
that no one can understand.”

Sign near a Belgian Monastery
" “The good Lord has changed water into
wine, so how can drinking beer be a sin?”
Brian Lynch
“The mouth of perfectly happy man is
filled with beer.”

City of Danzig edict, 11th Century
““Who-ever makes a poor beer is
transferred to the dung hill.
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