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Baseball Team Bans Beer

By order of A's general manager Billy Beane, the
A's no longer provide beer for the visiting team's
postgame refreshment. Also banned: beer in the
home-team clubhouse. And clubhouse beer on
A's road trips.

"Guys weren't too happy," said Eric Byrnes,
Arizona Diamondback infielder. So Saturday,
when his team was playing the A's he brought a
case of Bud Lite to the ball yard. "It's BYO (bring
your own)," Byrnes said, "so I BYO'd it."

Twenty years from now, a youngster outside the
Diamondbacks' ballpark will ask his father, "Dad,
why is there a statue of Eric Byrnes?"

"This is the first visiting clubhouse I've ever been
in the major leagues that didn't have a couple cold
(adult) sodas," Byrnes said. I didn't want this
(rule) to leave a bad taste in my teammates'
mouths. Or no taste."

The unwritten Baseball Code says that a player is
entitled to unlimited free frosty ones
after each game.  
No Water for 37 Years!

Croatia's Nikola Opacic, 70, has not had
a drop of water in the last 37 years,
drinking beer instead,  'It's not that our
water isn't good, but it can't quench
my thirst,' Opacic was quotes as saying
by Croatian daily 24 Sata.

Opacic went off water while working as
a construction worker in Munich,
Germany, in 1969. He said the water in
Germany was of very poor quality, and
therefore, he began to drink beer
instead and never lost the habit.

Opacic remains agile despite his years
and still works as a roofer.  He claims he
owes it all to beer.
Ya gotta love these guys
Hugh Hood
“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer
on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look
forward to than more of the same.”

"Beer is the center of everything. Everything
revolves around beer. When you drink beer,
everything revolves. Therefore beer is the
center of everything.”."
Abraham Lincoln
"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the
truth, they can be depended upon to meet
any national crisis. The great point is to bring
them the real facts, and beer.”

Dan Hodge
"Beer that is not drunk has
missed its vocation."
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True Beer Facts

There are 6,999 drops of beer in a
standard 12 ounce bottle according
to the Canadian Ace Brewing

The "hinged-lid" on beer steins first
cam into existence because of the
Bubonic Plague.  Drinkers used the
lip to keep out flies or other insects
that might carry the plague.
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