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Largest Brewpub in USA

(Lyons, Colorado) – The  Brewers Association
reports that Oskar Blues Brewery is the top-
producing brewpub among the nearly 1000
currently operating in the United States.

The nation’s first hand-canning craft brewery
and makers of hand-canned Dale’s Pale Ale and
Old Chub Scottish-Style Ale, Oskar Blues
produced 5000 barrels of beer in 2005 to claim
the top ranking. (A barrel of beer equals 31

The brewery’s growth of 92% last year was
made possible by increasing demand for the
company’s hand-canned beers, which are now
available in 13 states across the country.


Seven of Britain's largest regional brewers have
formed a think-tank with hopes of increasing
lagging cask beer sales. Calling itself "Why
Handpull?" the group has suggested initial
changes that will stir controversy.

First, they propose renaming real ale as
handpulled beer - a name that they suggest
means more to the general drinker than the terms
ale or cask. They also maintain that the best way
to improve the quality of what's on cask is to
reduce the number of brands, then slowly build
them up as cask handling skills improves.
Ice Luge Drinking Game

A new drinking game for those hot
summer days, the Party Ice Luge is now
being marketed at

In order to play Party Ice Luge you
need to fill the included container with
water, freeze it. Once frozen you have
2 twisting luge runs to pour the
beverage of your choice down.  All you
then need is 2  friends to slurp the ice
cold drink as it exits the luge. Okay it’s
not really game but I’m sure it will be
pretty entertaining after you’ve had a
few luge runs.
Bottle Spy

BottleSpy is the world's first
counting bottle beer opener. It keeps
track of every single bottled
beverage that you open and displays
a running total on its digital display
screen. So if you manage to break
your all time record the BottleSpy
willl hold all he proof that you need.
Available at
Ya gotta love these guys
Reverend Sydney Smith
"What two ideas are more inseparable than
Beer and Britannia? What event more
awfully important to an English colony than
the erection of its first brewhouse?"

Rudyard Wheatley
""I've always believed that paradise
will have my favorite beer on tap."
W.C. Fields
"I drink with impunity...or anyone else
who invites me."

Classic Line from Cheers
"COACH: Can I draw you a beer, Norm?
NORM: No, I know what they look like. Just
pour me one."
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