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New York Was Hop King

One- hundred years ago 90% of hops used in
domestic beer production came from the state of
New York but Prohibition and a plant fungus
ruined hop growth in the region.

The Ithaca (NY) Beer Company, has announced
it will exclusively use hops specially developed by
Pedersen Farms of Seneca Castle, New York, in
their new Double IPA with hopes of resurrecting
the dormant hops growing industry in the state..

Top tipples in the UK

The top-selling beers in UK pubs
and off-licences were:
Stella Artois £574m
Carling £352m
Fosters £279m
Budweiser £162m

That's not a misprint - Bud is the 4th largest
selling beer in the UK.

The Worlds Rarest and Most Unique Beer

Pharaoh's Gold is truly a unique beer. It is made
from beer sediments found in an ancient brewery
beneath the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti.
Each bottle is individually numbered, signed by
the brew master and dated. The purchased
bottles owner is registered and offically  
recorded. Only one bottle per person
per year may be purchased
Get the details :
If it looks and tastes like
beer it's NOT beer!

A company in Bangladesh believes it has
found a legal loophole to get around
the Islamic country's ban
on alcoholic drinks

Crown beverages is using the wording
of Bangladesh's Drug Control Act 1990
to justify the sale. The act outlaws
beer, but defines it as a malt and
hops-based drink produced by a
brewing process and containing at least
5% - and not more than 8.5% -
alcohol.  Crown simply brewed its
beverage at less that 5% and has found
that demand is so high suppliers are
struggling to keep up.

Bangladesh Islami Oikya Jote, an Islamic
party which is part of the ruling coalition
has asked the government to ban it.  
According to the group's leader, "The
young and children are becoming crazed
to drink it so it must be stopped."

New York's first beer

Avi Turgeman of Cafe D'Alsace is NYC's
beer sommelier. The restaurant's
owner, Simon Oren, says he created
the position because he loved beer and
wanted to showcase it.

Many of the 120 beers sold at D'Alsace
come in bottles holding 750 milliliters, or
about 25 ounces, with the most
expensive costing $44; the price of a
draft beer is $6 to $8.
Ya gotta love these guys
Tom Dargan, professional brewer -
""Making light lager beer is like going to the
beach in a thong. You better have all your
parts in place or it's going to be ugly."

Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter.-
"They didn't trademark everything back
then. Now someone farts and they put a TM
after it. Even Miller Lite says 'A Fine Pilsner
Beer' on the label. It is a crime."
Samuel Johnson-
""No, sir: There is nothing which has yet
been contrived by man by which so much
happiness is produced as by
a good tavern or inn."

Ancient Egyptian adage
"A mouth of a perfectly happy man
is filled with beer."
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