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Free beer at Hooters
Sorry, this offer is at one location only —
5821 W Interstate 20, near Little Road,
Arlington, Texas — and it's subject to change
at any time. There's a two-beer limit per

And no, this isn't a promotional gimmick.
After two years, a local community group
persuaded a judge to revoke the restaurant's
beer license, claiming that an atmosphere in
which inebriated men gawk at sexy women
was a recipe for increased sex crimes in the
area, even though no actual evidence was
presented to support this claim.

If they can't sell beer, though, Texas law
allows them to give it away, and that's exactly
what they're doing for now.

"Free beer at Hooters." Said Rod Dreher in
The Dallas Morning News: "Are there four
more beautiful words in the English language?"

Brown Beats Green and Clear

Beer is sensitive to light, especially in the 350–
500 nm range. Light of this wavelength can
penetrate clear and green glass and cause
nauseous off-flavors in beers bottled in such
glass containers and drinking glasses. The beer
is said to be “sunstruck” and the aroma and
taste referred to as “skunky”. Light instability
in beer results from hop components.
Be safe - buy your beer in dark brown bottles.
Ankle Bracelet
Beer Detector

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. - Luzerne County
will soon begin outfitting repeat
drunken driving offenders with an ankle
bracelet that detects alcohol in
perspiration. The 8-ounce device
samples the wearer's perspiration at
least every hour and collects, stores and
sends data to a monitoring agency. It
also detects and reports attempts to
tamper with the device, such as trying
to insert something to block the sweat.

Anyone wearing one of the ankle
bracelets can drink alcohol undetected
as long as his or her blood-alcohol level
doesn't rise above 0.02. That's about
the equivalent of two drinks on an
empty stomach in an hour for a
180-pound man. Offenders must pay
for the devices, including an installation
fee of around $50 to $100 and a
monitoring fee of about $10 to $12.

Hoegaaden Protest

A protest is going on over the decision
by InBev to move production of
Hoegaarden from the village of
Hoegaarden to another facility.  A
protest web site from the village asks:
If champagne has to be produced in a
strictly assigned region, why shouldn't
an internationally famous, but typically
regional original product like the
Hoeegarden White beer, be produced
here in the town of Hoegaarden.   

Support the protesters here
Ya gotta love these guys
Raymond Hankins-
""One pint of beer ... equals 1/2 college
credit in philosophy."

Mark Hawkins -
""Show me a nation whose national
beverage is beer, and I'll show you an
advanced toilet technology."
Don Marquis -
"Prohibition makes you want to cry into
your beer, and denies you the beer
to cry into."

Beer Can Collector -
Anybody can brew beer,  
but only GOD can make rust!
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