mR. bReWski says.......
My Favorite Bar Signs

There are only three rules
to running a good bar:
1.  The bartender is always right!
2. See rule #1.
3.  See rule # 2

Life is too short
to drink bad beer

Do you know the REAL story?

For beer lovers the autumn season can
mean only one thing -  it's time for
Munich's Oktoberfest!  This event, rooted
in history and steeped in tradition, is the
single most famous beer event in the

The first Oktoberfest celebrated the
marriage of Queen Theresia of Bavaria to
Prince Ludwig in 1810.  However this was
already a "fest" time of year since there
was a long-held tradition of tapping the
Marzenbier to mark the beginning of the
fall season.

Interestingly, if you attend the modern
festival in Munich and  order a generic
"beer", you will be served a standard
German lager.  American brewers
however continue to honor the historic,
autumn brews by producing a version of
Oktoberfest ales that are typically amber
in color with a malty flavor profile and a
mild fruity character.
Ya gotta love these guys

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
“milk is for babies.  When you grow up
you have to drink beer.”

Stephen Wright:
“24 hours in a day....24 beers in a case.  

PG Wodehouse:
" It was my uncle George who
discovered that beer was a food, well in
advance of modern medical thought."