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Brewery inducted into
WasteWise Hall of Fame

The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency inducted Anheuser-Busch into
the WasteWise Hall of Fame for its
longstanding commitment to waste
reduction and recycling programs at its

Since joining WasteWise as a charter
member in 1994, Anheuser-Busch has
received six WasteWise awards,
including the 2004 WasteWise Partner
of the Year. In addition, the company
has achieved a recycling rate of more
than 97%, while at the same time
reducing landfill waste by 45%.

The WasteWise award however is not
given for producing a good tasting beer.

Traffic Light Beer

People have been mixing things with
their beer for years. In Germany,
Berliner Weisse wheat beer is often
laced with schnapps, and in some bars
you can still order a Traffic Light. This is
a series of three beers, with herbal
essence (woodruff) and raspberry syrup
providing the green and red ends of
the spectrum. The Berlin-based
brewery Kindl has even published a
book on mixed drinks based on
Weissbier. Suggestions include wheat
beer with orange juice (a sort of poor
man's Buck's Fizz). In Canada, braver
souls soothe sore heads with a Calgary
Red Iron - an avoidable mix of lager,
tomato juice and raw egg.
You don't say.....

Beer Vote -Sam Adams lets drinkers choose
next offering

Just who hasn't pondered that age old question
- should Boston Beer Co. make a Bohemian
Pilsner or Brown Ale its next Samuel Adams

The company is letting beer drinkers decide.
The "Beer Lover's Choice" program allows
consumers to sample each of the choices, then
vote for the one they prefer. The winner will
make its debut in January in the 2006
Brewmaster's Collection, a mixed 12-pack. It
will later be sold in six-packs. Voting
continues through November at tasting events
in bars across the country.
Beer or coffee?

A Texas beer called Star Bock, has been sued
by coffee giant Starbucks over
over rights to the name.  

Brewer Rex Bell said he got the idea for his
beer after a customer asked for one Texas
beer, Lone Star, and changed his order to
another Texas beer, Shiner Bock. He's said
that when he joked he could serve a Star Bock
beer, the idea for the beer was born.

When Starbucks' legal team got wind of Bell's
beer they immediately raised a formal objection
with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
The case has now moved into the courts.
CAMRA Supports Golden Ales

The Campaign for Real Ale, CAMRA, has
officially recognized a new style of British beer
called Golden Ales.  These are lighter in color
than most ale syles and more mild with an ABV
of just under 4%.

According to Mike Benner, CAMRA's chief,
"there is a clear trend developing towards the
new golden ales which is good news for those
of us who love real ale.  This is true cask
conditioned ale with a light, fresh, not bitter
taste that appleas to younger drinkers and
women.  We believe it will eventually lead to an
increase in the popularity of all types of real ale.
Ya gotta love these guys

"The man that isn't jolly after drinking,
Is just a drivelling idiot to my thinking."

Joe Cuffster -
"I do not drink more than a sponge."

David Daye -
"If God had intended us to drink beer,
He would have given us stomachs."  
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