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NC Says No To Polygamy

Polygamy and beer reportedly don’t mix in North Carolina.
A polygamy-themed beer was rejected for sale in North
Carolina because “polygamy is illegal.” The beer in question
is already being sold in at least 20 other states, including Utah.
he North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
said, “The NC ABC always gives thoughtful consideration to
each label and uses the criteria outlined in the statutes as the
basis for every rejection or approval.” They also claim that
according to their statutes, “representing something illegal is
undignified and in bad taste.”When the brewery received the
rejection letter, they were shocked.  Polygamy Porter is
billed as a “smooth, chocolatey, easy-drinkin’ brown"  

Vegan Beer Fest

Philadelphia Brewing Co. just hosted the region’s first vegan
beer festival. All beer is not vegan. It is not uncommon for
some breweries to use things like Isinglass which comes
from the bladders of fish, and is used as a fining agent to help
filter yeast out of finished beer or Gelatin, which is derived
from cows and pigs which also helps to remove haze from
finished beer, as does the milk-derived protein casein.

Root Beer Near Arrest

Police were called to check on a young entrepreneur after a
new sign for his roadside business made people driving by do
a double take. What they saw: A child on the side of the street
with a sign that said "ICE COLD BEER." It was really a
clever new "marketing strategy" for his root beer stand, said.
Police in Brigham City, Utah, The police discovered the sign
actually advertised root beer –  the "root" was in tiny font
You don't say.....

In 1999, Duvel Moortgat went public, but the Moortgat
family purchased those shares back circa 2012. In recent
years, Duvel Moortgat has acquired Brasserie d’Achouffe ,
Liefmans,De Koninck,Brewery Ommegang, Boulevard
Brewing, and Firestone Walker
Bud Light jumped in on the viral “Area 51 raid” that’s been
making headlines recently. First, by distancing itself, saying,
"We'd like to be the first brand to formally announce that we
will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid." later, they issued a
supportive, extraterrestrial promise: If there are any aliens in
Area 51, and any of them actually manage to escape during
the raid, their reward will be a nice, cold Bud Light.
Spoetzl Brewery, where every bottle, can and keg of
Shiner Beer is brewed, was founded in 1909 by German
and Czech beer loving settlers who called themselves the
Shiner Brewing Association
Constellation, which imports the Corona and Modelo
brands from Mexico, posted a more than 7% jump in beer
sales and nearly 12% increase in operating profits from
its beer unit compared to a year ago.
Genesee, New York's oldest brewery, is now its most
modern thanks to a nearly $60 million modernization  
project which has just been completed.
Ithaca Beer Co.'s Flower Power IPA has been called one
of the 25 most important beers in craft brewing history.
It’s credited with introducing the so-called “West Coast
IPA” style to the East Coast when it debuted in 2004.
After all these year they are only now launching very the
first widely distributed “variants” on their IPA
Ya gotta love these guys
Brendan Beehan
"I have a total irreverence for anything connected
with society except that which makes the roads safer
and the beer stronger."

John Daly
"Today I was a hero. I rescued some beer
that was trapped in a bottle."

Dave Barry
"What is the difference between having a cold beer
and going to the bathroom? About 35 minutes."

Gilbert K. Chesterton
"Let a man walk ten miles steadily on a hot summer's
day along a dusty English road, and he will soon
discover why beer was invented."
Ron White
“There were years when I was a beer and tequila guy,
then I got real fat. And then I found that you could
actually go on a diet and drink scotch. I got hooked on
scotch, then everything else just tastes wrong."

Charles Bronson
"I look like the kind of guy who has a bottle of beer in
my hand. Maybe it's because I usually do."

Steven Hall
“Beer. It always seems like such a good idea at the time,
doesn't it? What's worse is beer seems like an even better
idea after you've had some beer.

Russell Crowe
“I have respect for beer!."
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