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Whale Testicles Beer
An Icelandic micro-brewery has announced its new beer will
be flavoured with smoked whales' testicles. The Stedji
brewery's Hvalur 2 beer is being sold to mark the Icelandic
midwinter months. The testicles of fin whales - which are an
endangered species - are cured "according to an old,
Icelandic tradition" before being salted and smoked, with one
being used per brewing.  In 2013, Iceland resumed
commercial fin whaling after a two-year suspension. Most of
its whale meat is exported to Japan.

The Stedji brewery angered conservationists last year by
making a beer which contained other whale parts, including
bones and intestines. At the time, the Whale and Dolphin
Conservation group described it as "immoral and outrageous"
to use whale meat to make beer. The product was
temporarily banned by public health authorities, but later it
sold out in alcohol shops. This time around, all the
permissions are already in place, the brewery says.
BeerNexus is boycotting the brewery and the beer.

Human Tasters Not Needed
Traditionally, workers have manually sampled and analyzed
beers during the production to determine when the beer
should be moved from one of the nine brewing phases to
another, a process called phase shift. Transferring a beer
from one step to another too early or too late impacts the
quality of the final product.  Like many breweries, Deschutes,
based in Bend, Ore. kept the records of those samples and
analysis. Then it decided to put it to work by tapping
Microsoft and OSISoft to use data crunching in the cloud to
predict transition times during production. The results
helped streamline the brewing process and showed the
company how to do more with less workers like tasters.
You don't say.....

AB InBev ran eight ads during the recent Super Bowl,
the most in the company's recent history. To combat
declining beer sales, it's been investing heavily in marketing
(instead of making better beer). The cost -  $5 million for
each 30-second spot. For comparison, the average price
of a 30-second ad during Game 7 of the World Series
was just over $500,000.
Uinta brewing has issued a voluntary recall of nearly a dozen
of its beer brands after discovering a foreign yeast that
could cause refermentation in their 12-ounce bottles or cans
and compromise the packaging.  Hope you don't have any.
Temperatures were so low in Minneapolis MN recently that
beer froze on the trucks before it could be delivered.
The temperature hit
minus 26 degrees; the wind chill temp
was of 53 below zero. Burrr.
Carakale was the first craft brewery in majority-Muslim
Jordan, iNow, it is extending its distribution across the
United States in an effort, the owner says, to demystify
taboos and stereotypes about Middle Eastern people.
AB-InBev, the world's largest beer company, because a
recent refinancing will lighten the company's massive debt
which caused several stock analysts make  them a top"buy"
Victory Brewing Co. turns 23 this month, and it’s
celebrating the way any self-respecting beer-maker should:
With more beer. Victory will release three new year-round
offerings with new labels to mark the occasion.
Ya gotta love these guys
Craig Ferguson
“Maybe it's the beer talking
but I really love beer.”

Martin Luther
“Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever
sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin,
enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!”

Karen Chance
"I drink beer mainly for the water content. I know I
could just drink water but I don't like water."

Rafael Sabatini
“Thank Heaven that in a world of much evil there
is still so good a thing as ale.”

Sam Harris
“120 million of us place the big bang 2,500 years after
the Babylonians and Sumerians learned to brew beer.”
Ellen Kushner
“Across the troubled maelstrom of time,
people always need a beer.”

Josh Noel,
“Times were good at Goose Island. They couldn't make
enough beer! But they were also dire. They couldn't
make enough beer. ”

Charles Bukowski,
“I like dogs better than men and cats better than dogs
and myself best of all, drinking another beer in my
underwear looking out the window.”

Jim Butcher
“Beer, brewed in cauldrons the size of houses by
machines and then served cold. It has no soul. It isn't
worthy of the name.”

Jennifer Clemen
"Cold beer could make you love a refrigerator.”
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