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You Are What You Drink

A new study of 1,000 beer drinkers found that the type of
beer you prefer may actually reveal a lot more than you think
about your personality.The survey, conducted on behalf of
Founders Brewing pitted the two factions of beer against
each other and found that lager drinkers tend to be more goal-
oriented and sociable.  They are more likely to describe their
ideal Saturday night as going out with friends, while ale
drinkers lean more towards curling up on the couch and
hanging out with Netflix.

Interestingly, lager drinkers report higher stress levels than ale
drinkers, which may be because they report being more likely
to work hard and show up on time for work. But despite that,
ale drinkers are the more likely bunch to say they’re happy
with their job and leading a fulfilling life, overall. Lager lovers
also tend to spend more time worrying about their future than
their easygoing ale-admiring counterparts, but they are more
confident and more likely to love meeting new people.
But no matter what they prefer, beer drinkers tend to be a bit
set in their ways, as the average beer drinker hasn’t switched
up their favorite beer in four years. Not only that, over one in
three beer drinkers say they’re intimidated by craft beers.
nteresting habits of beer drinkers.

The study also found that 57 % of men say their talks with
friends over drinks will include talking about the latest sports
news, while 46 %t say it also includes talking about movies
and TV. For women, on the other hand, 65 % reported their
girl talk includes gossip about friends, with their dating life
being the second.
You don't say.....

If you want to sound like you know IPAs, focus on hop
talk. Refer often to the “C” hops: Citra, Centennial,
Chinook, Cascade: To really impress talk about that
experimental hop that doesn’t even have a name yet.
A new survey revealed that ‘Beer o’clock’ — officially
the best time to have a beer — is exactly 6:31 p.m. on a
Friday while More people are in it for the taste than you
may think: 52 % rank taste first in selecting their beer.
Hector Hernandez
from California had a large“beer belly”
even though he didn’t drink.  Then he discovered  the extra
weight was actually a 100 lb. tumor. After it's removal he is
now fully recovered and much thinner.
Juicy and crushable New England IPAs can sell for over
$20 for a 4-packs of 16-ounce cans. The reason ifor the
high price is that it requires more expensive raw materials
and processes than other styles and has a short shelf life.
, Vietnam is one Asia's biggest beer-drinking nations,
consuming 3.8 billion liters a year. Their best selling beer
hasan alcohol content of less than 3%..  It is a Czech-style
beer called 'Bia Hoi'.
Bakers used to skim the fermented yeast off the top of brew
barrels to use in their baking which is one of several reason
beer is sometimes called "liquid bread."
Ya gotta love these guys
Jack LaLane
"I follow a rigorous exercise routine that I never get
lazy about; fetching beer bottles from the fridge."

Dave Barry
"What is the difference between having a cold beer
and going to the bathroom? About 35 minutes."

Lewis Black
"Instead of calling it the John I'm going to start calling
my bathroom the Jim. That way I can say I
go to the Jim every morning. "

W. Bruce Cameron
"I've read that the ancient Chinese art of feng shui
can bring a sense of peace, well-being, and positive
energy to a home - same as beer."

Eric Bischoff
  "I consider myself an authority on drinking beer."
Mads Mikkelsen
"I'm a beer man. I tried to drink whiskey and Scotch, but I
don't get it. It smells like a girl who didn't shower and just
splashed a lot of perfume on."

Zakk Wylde
"I'm just worried that there's enough beer on the bus.
That's the top priority at all times."

Mike Ditka
""I do like beer, but lately I've started drinking
non-alcoholic beer and I like the taste of it and I don't get
the alcohol, so that's a good alternative also."

John Taffer
"I could take a cemetery and make all the tombstones
beer companies. There's a lot of craft beers that came
and went. A lot of them."

Russell Crowe
"I have respect for beer."
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