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Disqualified For Not Drinking Enough

Corey Bellemore of Windsor, Canada, had set a new world
record for the fastest time to finish the Beer Mile World
Classic, but he barely had time to savor his victory —
officials reversed the decision and offered him up a foamy
glass of bitter defeat.

According to race officials, Bellemore – who remains the
fastest contestant to ever finish the Beer Mile World Classic
after his record-setting time of 4:33 in 2017 – didn’t
manage to drink enough beer while racing around the
track. He was DQ'd by only 1/2 oz.

The race tasks each contestant with drinking a total of four
12-ounce beers before hitting the finish line – one at every
quarter mile – but Bellemore reportedly left more than four
ounces (total) in bottles along the route, effectively
disqualifying his run, which clocked in at 4:24.

According to, Bellemore left about 4.5
ounces, or a half-ounce more than was permissible.
The second-place finisher, British runner Dale Clutterbuck,
was awarded the win with a time of 4:47..

Want to watch the race?  Here it is

The women's race did not have thedrama that the men
did.  No records were set but all the contestants finished
the required amount of beer and more.
You don't say.....

Beer slang: BIN: Standing for “buy it now,” this acronym is
strictly online jargon unleashed when a beer geek offers a
rare beer for sale on a private Facebook group or secret
online forum.
The hottest selling and best general beer glass around is
called TeKu: Introduced by the German company Rastal  it
is an angular, lipped, stemmed glass.
Hazeboys (also: hazebois or hazeboiz):is the popular term
for  the beer fan,who strictly buys, trades, and drinks
NEIPAs (see also: juice, hazies).
Radlers are a German style that originated in Europe with
cyclists who wanted to drink all day but not falling off their
bikes, so they’d pour lemonade into their lighter lagers
Miller High Life is brewed with TetraHops, a modified hop
extract from which isohumulones have been removed,
making it resistant to skunking so the clear bottle is okay.
Brut means very dry. So too with the fast growing brut
IPA. The trend has only been in existence for about a year
or so—too short in beer time to coalesce into a defined
The Great American Beer Festival in Denver is the single-
largest beer event in the United States, drawing an estimated
62,000 enthusiasts to sample from brewers ranging from
Avery in Colorado to Zwanzigz in Indiana, in every
conceivable style. Brewers from every state are attending.
Ya gotta love these guys
Tom Robbins
“Never underestimate how much assistance, how
much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much
soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made
taco and a cold bottle of beer.”

Terry Pratchett
“I don't think I've drunk enough beer
to understand that.”

Jennifer Rardin
“Do you even know what hammerd means?" I asked.
"Something to do with drinking your American beer
out of a hole in the side of a can?"he answered.
. "Close enough.”

Stephen King
“A man who lies about beer  is sure to make enemies”
Thomas Pynchon
"If your beer is cold, cold and hop-bitter, there's no
point coming up for air till it's all finished."

Dave Daye
“If God had intended us to drink beer, He would
have given us stomachs.”

James Corey
“And ... and what is civilisation if it isn’t people talking
to each other over a goddamned beer?”

David Justice
"Scotch is like a beer that’s been in a brawl.”

W.C. Fields
"A cold beer could make you love a refrigerator.”
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