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Your Picture On The Beer Foam

Beer Ripples — a machine that prints anything into Beer!”
The uses of this device are varied. Maybe you want to do
some brand promo when you serve beers. Maybe put a
sports logo on it when the big game is on. Maybe use it to
buy someone a drink. Thanks to the Internet of Things, you
can put any picture on a drink that you’ll then put in your
body. The machine costs $3,000.  

Designed mainly for use in bars, Beer Ripples is a Wi-Fi-
connected touchscreen-equipped countertop device that uses
malt-based ink to print text or images on the foam in a glass
of beer. Using an accompanying iOS/Android app, operators
can choose from an online library of hundreds of messages
and images, or they can upload custom images – such as
photos supplied by customers.

The machine works with glasses up to 7 inches tall (18 cm),
raising them up to its print head and then taking 11 seconds
to print any message or image on the beer foam.
You don't say.....
This month marks the first time in Indiana state history that
liquor and grocery stores in the state were allowed to sell
packaged beer on Sundays thanks to Gov. Eric Holcomb.
Fizzics is a new device that promises to make your bottled
beer taste like it came from a keg. You stick a bottled beer in
it, insert a tube, and pull the lever. It creates uniform
bubbles using oscillating sound waves and then delivers the
beer to your glass.  The result to us is flavor loss.
Yuengling traces its history back to 1829, when it was
founded as Eagle Brewery. It has brewed out of its
current Pottsville, Pa. headquarters since 1831, following
a fire which burned down the original brewery. In 1873,
the brewery changed its name to D.G. Yuengling & Son.
A South Carolina truck driver was carrying 60,000
pounds of Busch beer on Interstate 10 in Okaloosa
County, Florida, recently when it overturned spilling its
cargo.  By the time police arrived nost of the cans of
beer had mysteriously vanished.
NASCAR somehow got through the first month of the
season without an official beer,but now it has hooked up
with a familiar old brand as its official beer - Busch Beer.
Shockingly there were no cars in the Daytona 500 last
month with a brand of beer as a main sponsor
Ya gotta love these guys
William Shakespear
“For a quart of Ale is a dish for a king.

Milan Kundera
“Isn't beer the holy libation of sincerity? the potion that
dispels all hypocrisy, any charade of fine manners? "

Peter Brown
“Brewing is mentioned rarely in accounts of the
Industrial Revolution. Temperance pressures meant it
was impolitic for brewers to boast of their  
achievements and innovations.”

Scott Stoll
“The weirdest thing about Tibet is that the most
popular beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon. Everywhere, even
on the slopes of Everest, you'll see cans of Pabst
Benny Bellamacina
“I've never been thrown out of a pub, but
I've fallen into quite a few”

John Steinbeck
"There is nothing in the world
like the first taste of beer."

Tom Standage
“The inclusion of lemon or lime juice in grog, made
compulsory in 1795, therefore reduced the incidence
of scurvy dramatically. And since beer contains no
vitamin C, switching from beer to grog made British
crews far healthier overall.”

Rick Yancey
"It's and alien apocalypse! Quick grab the beer!!
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