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Dilly Dilly Peccadillo

Minneapolis’ Modist Brewing unveiled Dilly Dilly, a double
IPA made with Mosaic hops. If you’ve watch any primetime
tv or NFL football you’ll instantly recognize the refrain “Dilly
Dilly” from Bud Light’s recent tv commercials which are set
in medieval times.  A week later the brewery posted a video
on  Facebook that shows a man walking into the brewery
dressed like an old-timey town crier and he’s carrying a
scroll. Then, the performance begins.  “Hear ye, hear ye.
Dear friend of the crown, Modist Brewing Company,” the
town crier addresses the crowd. “Congratulations on the
launch of your new brew, Dilly Dilly Mosaic Double IPA. Let
it be known, any beer that is shared between friends is a fine
beer indeed. And we are duly flattered by your loyal tribute.”

As you watch the video, you see confused customers
continue to walk through the door behind him, wondering
what on earth is happening. He’s not fazed and continues
reading from the scroll: “However, ‘Dilly Dilly,’ is the motto
of our realm, so we humbly ask you keep this to a limited
edition, one time only run. This is by order of the king.
Disobedience will be met with additional scrolls, then a final
warning, then a private tour of the Pit of Misery,” — a
reference back to the commercials.  

Modist employees and owners say, “It’s 100% real,” and “No
one at the company knew it was happening.” Co-founder
Kale Anderson saidthey realized the slogan was trademarked
by Bud Light, and “got a little scared … but then we said,
‘Screw it. Let’s see what happens.’ And that’s what
happens.”  Kudos to Bud for a rare sense of humor.
You don't say.....
COLA is a Certificate Of Label Approval issued, after
review, by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
aka, TTB.  The TTB does not require a brewer to obtain a
COLA if a beer^ is sold only in the state it was
manufactured but must have one if sold elsewhere.
Propelled by the growing sales of their All Day IPA,
Founders Brewing reported that it produced nearly 468,000
barrels of beer in 2017, up from about 348,000 last year.
Fpunders now ranks as the ninth largest brewery in the U.S.
Craft beer sales in.750 mL, cork-and-cage and the 375
Belgian-style bottles have dripped dramatically in the last
year while craft in can sales have continued to increase
Among the technologies employed in AB InBev's new plant
in China are production lines that can produce 160,000 cans
per hour, a speed that's twice as fast as previous lines
Taco Bell’s latest product launch represents new territory
for the fast-food chain: It just debuted its very own beer.
Called Beach Bell, tit’s a Mexican-style amber lager
Bud Light sales fell by 5.7% in 2017, while Coors Light was
down 3.4%. Miller Lite, falling at the much slower rate of
just 1.7%, can actually gain position simply by attrition.
Three Floyds maker of Dark Lord RIS, recently filed
trademark opposition against beer trademark application
for Ice Lord.    Nor ruling as of yet.
Ya gotta love these guys
Tom Robbins
“Never underestimate how much assistance, how
much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much
soul and transcendence there is in a well-made beer.

Ellen Kushner
“Across the troubled maelstrom of time,
people always need a beer.”

Owen Berbason
“I drink beer not to get drunk or because i have stress,
i drink beer just because i want to share good ideas
with the real men, real people. you cannot be real and
wise man, if you don't take beer.”

Bruce Darvis
I have every kind of drink anyone would ever want in
my house as long as it is beer.”
David Justice
“When all else fails, there is music.
When that fails you, there is beer.”

Michael "Beer Hunter" Jackson
"Beer is not just a commodity in cans and bottles,
but has a value as an agricultural product with
good ingredients.”

Fritz Maytag (Anchor Brewing Founder)
"If all beer prices are forced down to the level of
Busch Bavarian, none of us will be making beer.”

Max Braun
“A man has no more right to an opinion for which
he cannot account than for a glass of beer for
which he cannot pay.”
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