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Hope For a Market Crash
The beer exchange concept is one of the hottest in the
country at craft beer bars.  It means that the prices of what is
on tap can (and usually does) fluctuate every 15 minutes
based on demand – the more customers drink of a certain
beer, the more prices increase, as that's how the law of
supply and demand works.

Conversely, the cost for beers of which customers aren't
drinking as much will drop. In general the prices will  only
fluctuate a quarter or two, but the market will crash
occasionally, leaving all beers at 25 cents over cost.
You don't say.....
Beer lovers continue to buy more IPAs than everin 2017,
with sales up 17% from the previous year. Next favorite
styles: seasonal beers (15%); Belgian Wits (10%); variety
packs (8%); pale ale (7%); and amber ale (3.6%).
The US city with the most breweries is Portland, with
78, followed by Denver (63), San Diego (61),
Seattle (49), and Chicago (43).  
. Samuel Adams who started the airport brewpub trend back
in 1993, now has 12 airport brewpubs around the country.
The recent Great American Beer Festival had a bathroom
snafu that left thousands of people searching for a place to
go when the restrooms were inadvertently blocked off.
Thus, thousands of people took to Denver’s streets.
Beertopia  is Hong Kong’s largest annual craft beer festival,  
The just ended two-day event attracted over12,000
attendees who sampled 500 different beers .
At Wrigley Field in Chicago  a can of Budweiser cost $10.50
for the playoffs up from $975 during the regular season.  
Either way it's price gouging to Mr. B.

As the Christmas season approaches Advent calenders
become a popular item.  There's now one for beer that leads
up to the special day. Check out the
Beer Advent Calendar.
Ya gotta love these guys
Thomas Jefferson
“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper,
cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

George Goebel
"Tonight I'm drinking beer until I'm someone
else's problem."

Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave
"What were they thinking? It's an alien
apocalypse!, grab the beer!”

Tom Robbins
Never underestimate how much assistance,
satisfaction, comfort,soul and transcendence there
is in a well-made taco and a good beer.”
Terry Pratchett,
“I don't think I've drunk enough beer
to understand that.”

Rafael Sabatini
"Thanks to Heaven that in a world of much evil
there is still so good a thing as ale.”

Craig Ferguson
"“Oh my God. I'm not Elvis. I'm Otis from
Mayberry! I'm drunk from too much beer!”

Sergei Lukyanenko
“Czech beer in bottles is the corpse of
real beer in a glass coffin.”
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Drinking beer and sitting in the pub has been
scientifically proven to make the British public feel good.

It turns out that a key ingredient used to brew beer
stimulates dopamine production in the brain, a Malted barley
- used to brew most beers - is rich in hordenine, which
activates a desire to consume food and drink out of
pleasure, rather than hunger.Subsequently, this triggers
dopamine receptors in the brain which make us feel happy.

Researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in
Bavaria looked at 13,000 food components in order to get
their results.  That in turn gave scientific credence to the
results of a recent  poll of 2,000 Britons that found that they
were also happiest when at the pub.
Mr. Brewski is shocked.