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Pouring Beer

The Over Pour - A bartender hits the
tap hard, tips that glass deep, and
allows the beer to foam up and spill
over until the desired level is reached.
Oftentimes, up to a half-pint of beer is
actually wasted just to create a single
pint. If this kind of pour were
consistent on a half-barrel of beer,
roughly 40 (out of roughly 120) pints
of beer would be wasted in each keg!
What a shame, unless it's a macro beer
of course, then it's a noteworthy
public service.

The Under-Pour- under-pouring
usually occurs when a bar owner is
being cheap. They'll inform their staff
to drop around 12 ounces in a 16oz
glass and fill the remainder with
foam-maybe even force some
overflowing foam to create the
perception of a full beer. If the
drinker's lucky, he might get 14
ounces after the foam has settled. If
this practice is put in place, bar
owners can squeeze up to an extra
30-plus pints of beer out of a
half-barrel.  Britain's CAMERA
(Campaign for Real Ale) consumer
group has fought this battle and now
glasses in the UK have a fill line.
You don't say.....

A prison inmate in New York was recently
sentenced to an additional 10 years of
prison after pleading guilty to
home-brewing beer in the facility. The
inmate was attempting to make three
gallons of beer from orange juice and
grape jelly when the brew was discovered
in a shakedown.

Four inmates walked out of a jail in
Shelbyville, Utah, due to a faulty control
panel that allowed them to prop open a fire
exit with a Bible. After making a hole in the
exercise yard fence, they walked to a nearby
market, bought some beer and returned to the
jail to share the brews with other prisoners.
When they ran out of beer, they escaped
again to buy more beer.  When they were
finally captured they claimed they had no
intention to really escape, they just wanted to
supply everyone with beer.

News for all of the South Beach and
Low-carb dieters: Non - Alcohol  beer has
more carbs & calories per 12 oz bottle than
many craft brands. You may as well just
have one or two good beers and exercise a
bit more to equal everything out.
Beer and a Movie

Yes, it's true.  There are movie
theaters that serve beer duirng the

You can by a beer and take it to
your seat at the Charles Playhouse
in Boston. The Mission Theater &
Pub in Portland, Oregon is
church-turned-theater that serves
craft beers during the movie, as
does the Laurelhurst Theater in
Portland. Same with the Arlington
Cinema 'n' Drafthouse in Virginia,
the Arena Grand Theater in
Columbus, Ohio and the Alamo
Drafthouse Cinema franchise based
in Texas.
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L. Sage Bremmer-
"The harsh, useful things of the world, from pulling teeth
to digging potatoes, are best done by men who are  
starkly sober, but the lovely and useless things, the
charming and exhilarating things, are best done by men
who have had their share of beer."

W.C. Fields -
“I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a
snake, which I also keep handy.”

Brian Lynch -
""Good beer is bottled poetry."
"Beer is sunlight, held together by water."