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No Beer Pong

Forget Beer Pong.  Get more classy with Prosecco Pong.
Created by the Dallas-based company Talking Tables,
Prosecco Pong is like the raised pinky finger of drinking
games. It comes with a set of 12 Prosecco coupes and three
solidly trendy millennial pink ping pong balls (important: bottle
of bubbly not included). And while it may be a bit harder to
sink a shot in the significantly shallower coupes, it’s probably
a good thing, since Italy’s most popular sparkler is more than
double the ABV of that 30-rack of cheap, light beer.
Buy your own game of Prosecco Pong for $25
You don't say.....
A new company called Tap Truck USA outfits vintage
American trucks with space for kegs and taps out the side
of the truck. They cater events, weddings, outdoor parties,
and basically anywhere that there’s a need for fresh beer.
They also will custom build one for you for $25,000
Beer makers aren’t the only ones feeling the effects of a
craft beer slowdown. Yakima, Washington-based hop
broker 47 Hops LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection. They're the hop broker to do so this year.
. Researchers at the University of Nottingham are looking
for beer tasters to determine how alcohol content and the
time can potentially affect aromas and flavors in beer. No
experience needed; training will be provided.
Urban Outfitters is selling glasses that can add “some
rainbow Gatsby glamour to your next get together.”
Translucent RBGV (Red Blue Green Violet) coating on the
bottom of the glass is responsible for the phenomenon
New Mexico State University now has an official beer  
called Pistol Pete's 1988, or just '88 for short. It is made by
Bosque Brewing Co. of Albuquerque and will be sold at all
home football games,local pubs, and stores.
Five of the top USA brewers were asked what is the most
underrate ingredient in beer.  Three of the five said water
quality, two said the yeast.

Ya gotta love these guys
Ronda Rousey
“I just want to tailgate, drink beer, and hang out in
the middle of nowhere in a pick-up truck.
That's my ideal date."

Clementine Paddleford
“Beer is the Danish national drink, and the
Danish national weakness is another beer.

Mads Mikkelsen
"I'm a beer man. I tried to drink whiskey and Scotch,
but I don't get it. It smells like a girl who didn't
shower and just splashed a lot of perfume on."

Johnny Damon
"I'm gaining weight the right way:
I'm drinking beer."
Joe Theismann
Rugby is great. The players don't wear helmets or
padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each
other and then go for a beer. I love that."

Gary Allan
“My goal is to hit the gym every day I'm on vacation.
Usually I just end up sleeping and drinking beer."

A. J. P. Taylor
"In my opinion, most of the great men of the past
were only there for the beer - the wealth, prestige and
grandeur that went with the power."

Billy Carter
"Paintings are like a beer, only beer tastes good
and it's hard to stop drinking beer."
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From Worst To First

In 2008,  the George & Dragon in Hudswell, closed due to
bankruptcy. It didn’t open again until regulars banded
together and raised
£220,000 to buy the pub back from
the debt collectors
to reopen it in 2010. Now it has been
voted the best bar in the UK by The Campaign for Real Ale
(CAMRA),  It beat over 52,200 pubs for the 2017 title.

The Real Story
A fast and furious tour of beer history.
by John Hawthorne