mR. bReWski says.......
The Man Returns

Mr. Brewski jis a huge fan of "The Most Interesting Man in
the World"and was totally bummed out when he was given
his walking papers from those oh so clever ads for Dos Equis
beer.  Well, he's back but is giving up beer for tequila

Jonathan Goldsmith i
s the actor who appeared as the
sophisticated, eccentric, and worldly pitchman for Dos
Equis for nearly a decade. He's now promoting Astral
Tequila,  In a new ad the 78-year-old Goldsmith nods at
his Dos Equis days by raising a glass of tequila and saying,
"I told you I don't always drink beer" (a reference to his
famed Dos Equis line: "I don't always drink beer, but when
I do, I prefer Dos Equis")

Since his debut as the face of the brand in 2007, Goldsmith
has become something of a cultural icon. He helped Dos
Equis nearly triple its business since the campaign was
introduced, His contract with Dos Equis ended last year after
the beer brand decided it was time for a new spokesman. The
company hired a younger "most interesting man" in his place.
To their dismay (and Mr. Brewski's great satisfaction, the
younger version flopped. There is only one feal MIMIW.

Mr. Brewski worried about the legality of the Dos
Equis-referencing spot, so checked with one lawyer who said
Astral is on a "slippery slope" but not likely to find itself in
court over any sort of infringement. Let's hope that's the case.

For the record, Tequila is not Goldsmith's professed drink
of choice, or at least it wasn't when several years ago he said
in an interview he favored martinis and Scotch when not
consuming beer. Beer however was his #1.
(Check out the picture of this icon in the section below - top
left- as he poses with BeerNexus writer
Vince Capano.
You don't say.....
The first modern American IPA was Anchor Liberty Ale
A single-hopped, dry-hopped West Coast IPA before there
was such a thing  was first released in 1975),
still features Cascade hops.
When you hold a pint of Guinness up to the light ― which,  
doesn’t happen often considering the environment in which
it is often consumed ― you’ll see that this stout is in fact
ruby red and not black.
You can buy an inflatable Irish pub from a  company called
(what else) Inflatable Pub.  The large size fits up to 65
people and costs $5,900 plus shipping from Ireland. The
smallest, which holds 35 people, is $2,500
Bock beer is said to have originated in Einbeck, Germany.
Locals ordered their "Einbeck bier"—a name that ultimately
morphed to "ein Bock bier." "Ein Bock" in German means a
male goat explaining why it's a symbol of the style.
The United Center, the arena where the Chicago Bulls play
has two DraftServ units—self-service beer terminals. Each
DraftServ station has four taps to serve
Bud Light, Heineken, and Stella Artois and charges fans by
the ounce. The systemt only works with credit cards.
With the huge popularity of Northeast IPAs some brewers
put flour in the kettle or even fruit puree containing pectin,
another carbohydrate capable of throwing  an attractive and
durable haze, the signature look of the style..
B.O.M. Brewery, which stands for “Belgian Original
Maltbakery”, is one of the world’s only brewing and malt
roasting companies. It is preparing for U.S.  operations to
begin this fall at the Celis Brewery located in Austin, Texas
Ya gotta love these guys
Arty Lands
“Never delay the ending of a meeting or the
beginning of a happy hour."

W.C. Fields
“I never drink water.  I'm afraid it will
become habit forming."

Ben Cannon
“He who drinks 'a little too much beer',
really drinks much too much.”

Samuel Johnson
"Beer is the liquor for boys, port for men; but he
who aspires to be a hero mus drink brand.".
Bertrand Russell
I am as drunk as a lord, but then, I am one,
so what does it matter?.

Clement Freud
“If you give up liquor, beer, and wine you don't
actually live longer; it just seems longer.”

Samuel Butler
"If the headache would only preceed the intoxication,
alcoholism would be a virtue."

Sidney Greenstreet
"I distrust a man who says 'when'. If he's got to be
careful not to drink too much its because he's not to
be trusted when he does.
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